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Crappy Birthday

Most humor writers try to stay out of the bathroom. Which when you think about it is pretty funny since we tend to be so full of crap. I should rephrase that first statement and say – we try to ...

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Brrrrrrr – It’s Cold Outside

Okay. You win. Even those of us who live in the southern parts of this country will agree. It’s been a cold winter. We’ve heard the stories of blizzards, lost power, floods, roads closed, schools closed, food shelves left bare, ...

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It’s just not fair in any sense of world order. Call it screwed up karma. Call it injustice. Call it prejudice. Call it not right. Doesn’t matter what the word is that you use, it’s still unfair.  Bubba’s drive around ...

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Faded Plastic Memories

I am the world’s worst when it comes to photographs. I don’t mean just in letting someone take one of me. I mean in labeling, dating and preserving the things. Many years from now, when my children get ready to ...

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E-mail Spawned Paranoia

It’s 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and the e-mail has been slow on the lists for two consecutive days. It was almost non-existent yesterday, which can be chalked up to it being Monday. But it’s Tuesday now. Come on people. Don’t ...

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Thanks To My Granchildren I Am Young

I’m not sure who the wise a$$, err, I mean wise man was who originally said that our grandchildren keep us young. I don’t want to know who he was. I would probably march right over there and kick him ...

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I Am Prepared!

  I, as a Floridian, am prepared. I was taught to be prepared. I have even been threatened into being prepared. Mostly my preparedness involves huge storms blowing off the local waters with threats of severe loss of life and ...

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