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Visions of Licorice Plums

Ok guys. The ink pen, nay keyboard challenge is over. Dawn Weber and I have chosen our topics and are posting our offerings this morning. The topics that were given to me to choose from were: exploding bras, exploding powdered sugar, being a member of the itty bitty titty club as a teenager, and waking to see a vision of Erma Bombeck in my pillow case. Don't you know I'd choose the latter, just for you Molly. Be sure to check out Dawn's. But be careful, you might spit your coffee or coke on your screen.

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Spies In My Computer, Or Office, Or Cellphone

Don’t you just hate it when others know things about you that are so secret you don’t even know them yourself? Yeah, me too. And this time it makes me mad, dammit. I had a facial scheduled for today. I ...

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Popularity Breeds….Well, It Just Breeds

What happens when something obscure or never seen before becomes the “have to have it, be all to end all” thing on the scene? Yeah, that’s what I thought. How many of us remember when the Cabbage Patch Dolls hit ...

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Unattached, Free and Living In Shame

If you get stumped by something mechanical, do you give up or do you keep trying until you find a way to outdo the mechanical whatever it is? Yeah, me too. Who could have known that I would be labeled ...

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A Friend On Facebook Is A Joy – If You Know About It, And They Don’t Unfriend You

Don’t you just hate it when someone accepts your friendship on Facebook and you don’t remember requesting their friendship in the first place? Yeah, me too. But I’m not sure if that’s worse or if it’s worse when someone unfriends ...

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