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Let Me Eat Cake

It’s my birthday today. It’s my special day. The day made just for me. In celebration of this auspicious day I woke up late. I woke up way toooooooooo late. I woke up remembering I haven’t posted an article to ...

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Lost In Space – Or Something Like That

I lose things. A lot of things. All the time. My losses are total, never partial. I never lose 1/2 of a sock, or 3/4 of a pair of pantyhose, or even 1/3 of a car key. I lose the ...

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Is There A Saint For Writers?

It’s the Wearing ‘o the Green day. It’s the Irish are the butt of the jokes day. It’s the Kiss me I’m Irish day. It’s the I’m Irish – Don’t F#%& With Me Day. I remembered to wear green. I ...

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Proper Labeling

Do you have any warning labels that apply to your life that perhaps you should begin wearing? Yeah, me too. Lately my warning labels would include but are not limited to: • Keep upright at all times o This should ...

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I have no neck. It’s okay. I’m not dead, it’s just that I have no neck. I’m sure some of you out there are thinking, well if she has no neck, then where does her head sit? It sits on ...

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