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Social Networking Gone Awry !

OMG! Where r u? R u listening? What’s up? Y aren’t u paying attention to me? U r? Gr8! If you understand that, you are either a teenager or the mother of one. Or you have been textually harassing someone. ...

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Nausea By Any Other Name – Please !

I have a contest running on a different site. I am looking for a different name for nausea and not any of those atrocious names that teenage boys apply to this malady. I am looking for a non-friendly, but easier ...

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Eyelash Insufficiency!

OMG! Who knew? There is actually a “condition” known as hypotrichosis which is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Whoda thunk it? While some pharmaceutical companies are searching for cures to deadly diseases or at least looking ...

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Good Vibrations?

I want to be famous! I want to learn from other writers! I want to keep current on what writers are doing, saying and thinking! I want a break!!!! A few years ago I joined a group of writers who ...

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Avatar Hair

It is summer and the hair must go! In the past few years I have not been one to let my hair down, as I haven’t had any that could be put up. I also have not let my hair ...

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