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If You Swear, And No One Hears It – Was The Effort Wasted?

I have to admit – I have met some damn good cursers in my life. Don’t bother checking the dictionary, that word is not there. A curser is not that little floating arrow on your computer screen. Nor is it ...

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Recap of Week 1 In Hell

I survived! Well, I sort of survived. I didn’t completely blow the diet. I can’t say that I lost any weight, but then again I haven’t weighed myself to see. Fear is the big factor there. I also didn’t kill ...

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Forget Hell – Today Was Just Plain Bizarre

Some days start out good and almost imperceptibly take a downhill slide. Other days start out bad and just get worse. And then there are the days, like today, that should never have been, but since they did occur they ...

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Day Fourteen In Hell !

Oooops! Sorry, I think it’s only day 3, just forgot for a moment. It’s hard to keep my brain working properly without its normal diet of caffeine, Coke and chocolate. I wasn’t sure what I was going to eat for ...

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The End of Day Two

It’s now 7 p.m. day two of Coming Clean. Not too bad today. OK – so I spent most of the day with the same headache that plagued me yesterday. I didn’t drink too many Coca Cola’s (two I think), ...

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Day Two Begins – We Are All Still Alive

Day two in hell has begun and everyone is still alive. Some of us survive by bitchiness, some by the fact that they are too young to escape to a safer place, and some are too oblivious to notice the ...

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Day One In Hell – Addicted, Obese and Coming Clean!

This morning while trying to find something, anything that would hide my fat so I could leave the house and go to the meeting I was supposed to conduct, it became painfully aware that nothing short of a circus tent ...

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My Assistant Needs Assistance – Read Carefully Before Applying

I asked my assistant the other day to order a very large, three ring binder for me from the office supply store. I was thinking a 3 inch binder would work, with tabs to separate the various projects / information. ...

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