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How The Hell…….. An Ode To New Year’s Eve 2011

We’re at the end of yet another year I have to stop and ask I don’t remember yesterday So how the hell can I be here? The beginning is just a hazy blur And yet were at the end Where ...

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Christmas Undecorated

We are not The Waltons. Nor are we The Cleavers. We do not resemble any family ever seen in one of Norman Rockwell’s paintings. Our family is more The Griswalds meet Martha Stewart wannabes. Oh, we have high hopes ever ...

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Cracked-In Character Had Head

When you are taken unaware by accoster people while shopping do you ever want to turn around and accost them back in some way that will make them question their profession? Yeah, me too. My friend Nana Kaye, the one ...

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In A Scrooged State of Mind

Don’t you just hate it when at this time of year when we are all supposed to be filled with joy and spirits of the season, someone inevitably ask the one questions that kills not only the spirit of the ...

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