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68º By Any Other Temperature

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. It’s 3 a.m. My grandson is snuggled on the bed under four blankets, two of his and two that belong to me. He doesn’t sleep in the bed. His preference is on the bed, but ...

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Stand and Watch

Would someone explain to me please, if this bizarre phenomenon is only seen in my home, or if this is possibly something that the U.S. Government should invest a trillion dollars in to run some sort of multi-year, one hundred ...

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Do I Write Seriously?

You know how life just seems to roll along? You do the things you need to do every day. Or you do the things that you seem are important and will propel you and your career forward. Then you read ...

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Only The Shadows Know (Until Now)

Most of you have already read about the painful photo shoot. If you haven’t, go read it first. This is the rest of the story. My photographer friend, Mark, lives in Alabama. I live in Florida. We were to meet ...

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An Exercise In Photography

If you've never been on a photo shoot and want to know what it's all about, this will give you the inside scoop. Caution: you may learn more than you want to know.

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Platinum Husband

Do you have a Platinum Husband? Would you want someone that caring, concerned and loving? Maybe.

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The Dids and Didn’ts of Non-Hurricane Ida

In 2009, only 2 non-hurricanes/tropical storms/tropical depressions did hit the United States. Both hit Pensacola, FL. Pensacola, FL didn’t (to my knowledge anyway) do anything to piss off Mother Nature.

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Random Thoughts About Hurricane Ida

 Sunday – November 8, 2009: Category 1 Hurricane Ida bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Expected to make land fall late Monday, early Tuesday morning at less than Category 1. What does that make it? A non-hurricane? The governor of ...

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Hat’s Afire

Some houses have places for everything. Some houses have everything in their place. Some houses, such as mine, are lucky to have any place for all the things. Then there are those houses rule by iron wills, neatness freaks, or OCD women.

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