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Tight Tooshie My Ass!

God, what was I thinking?  I’ve done it before without this many problems, so what went wrong this time? Okay. I haven’t done it in a few years, well maybe 5 or 10, but why should that matter? I can ...

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Perfect(ly Annoying) People

Do you ever receive those e-mails from perfect people? You know the ones. The people sending them are millionaires. They got that way without working. Then they have the audacity to apologize for it. They are however kind enough to ...

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Can’t You Read My Mind?

Rhetorical question, I know. No one can read my mind because most days it’s impossible to even locate my mind. It does tend to wander, and you never know what territory it may be wandering in. But even on a ...

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Time On My Hands

If you had too much time on your hands, what would you do? Work for World Peace? Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity? Rescue abandoned pets? Work in the Community Gardens? Try to locate the owner of the lost Pink Cow? That was not a typo.

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Today’s Math Problem

The room has three tables in it. Each table has four chairs placed around it. Every time a woman walks in to the room the chairs are all pulled away from the table. Who is the bigger idiot? The men who sit at the tables, scoot the chairs out when they stand up and leave the room? Or the women for pushing every chair back under the table and not slapping the crap out of the men?

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Critical Thinking – Who’s Idea Was This?

Can you critically think a bologna sandwich? Yeah. Me too. But follow me on this one. My friend Nana Kay has three daughters, two of whom are in middle school. I don’t know if it’s  at the direction of the ...

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