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Watching Memories Go Up In Flames

If you love making memories with your family, but things don’t always go as planned, do you say “I Quit”, or do you keep trying to make those special memories to be remembered for years? Yeah, me too. Once or ...

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Looking For Fame In All The Wrong Places

If your family doesn’t think you’re great, what’s left for you to do? Run? Hide? Give up? Try to convince them otherwise? Face the realization and continue on anyway? Yeah, that’s what I did. My grandson has been spending the ...

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Heredity – Stranger Than Fiction

Have you ever wondered, seriously wondered, just what exactly gets passed on in our dna, chromosomes, and habits we try to hide from our children? Yeah, me too. Today I had occasion to wonder even more. It’s a scary world ...

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Three Inches From Restraint

Five feet two, eyes of blue And oh what those five feet can do Has anybody seen my gal – Louis Prima You might ask the same thing of me lately. Not the blue eye thing. Or what the five ...

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Day Two Begins – We Are All Still Alive

Day two in hell has begun and everyone is still alive. Some of us survive by bitchiness, some by the fact that they are too young to escape to a safer place, and some are too oblivious to notice the ...

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