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Don’ts For A Happy New Year 2010

My Top Ten Don’ts For The New Year – 2010 Instead of the normal New Year’s Resolutions, which in my opinion have been done to death and are never achieved anyway, I thought I would make my list of things ...

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Happy Holidays

Thoughts for the 2009 Holidays If you drink too much and over eat, wake one day and can’t see your feet – you enjoyed the holidays a bit too much. Ready or not, here they come. The holidays are going ...

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I Am Too Sick To Be Healthy!

I received a call yesterday from one of my doctor’s offices. The main doctor in my life. The one who knows about every illness, and the fat on my thighs. Her nurse called to tell me that I was past ...

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The End, Period

Shouldn’t the words ‘the end’ signal the end of whatever is that comes before those words? Shouldn’t we be able to rely on those words as finality? Shouldn’t the end signal that nothing more will come after – forever and ...

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A Really SAD Story S(easonal) A(ffective) D(isorder)

Are you affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? Do you see Stupid And Dumb people everywhere. Read more at www.wandaargersigner.com/blog

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Damn The Technology – Full Speed Backwards!

Damn it! Ok, I don’t normally curse in my blogs but there just aren’t any other words available to express my sentiments right now. I got out of the network engineering field because I couldn’t keep up with the fast ...

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Inadequate People – Your Time Has Come Just Not In Primetime

What is happening in this country that we have become such an inept, unskilled, inadequate collective of citizens? I just found out this morning that I am among this group. I say this without shame. I just don’t have the ...

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68º By Any Other Temperature

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. It’s 3 a.m. My grandson is snuggled on the bed under four blankets, two of his and two that belong to me. He doesn’t sleep in the bed. His preference is on the bed, but ...

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Stand and Watch

Would someone explain to me please, if this bizarre phenomenon is only seen in my home, or if this is possibly something that the U.S. Government should invest a trillion dollars in to run some sort of multi-year, one hundred ...

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Do I Write Seriously?

You know how life just seems to roll along? You do the things you need to do every day. Or you do the things that you seem are important and will propel you and your career forward. Then you read ...

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