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I Ain’t Afeared of Nuthin

fearIf you are, but your friends aren’t, do you try to keep this fact hidden or do you put it right out there for them to laugh at and make fun of you? Yeah, me too.

I am and I freely admit it for all of my friends to use against me anytime they want.

And they do.


But they are too. Just not in the same way.

I freely confess my biggest fear is snakes, and heights, and birds (no, I never saw that movie), and being so far out in the water I can’t see land, sharks (I saw Jaws), not having 30 pair of shoes, or not having 45 purses, and canned biscuits. Hey, these are my unreasonable fears. Go get your own if you don’t already have some.

I’m not afraid of bats. I had to catch one when I was a teenager babysitting for three children who don’t speak English and one got in the house. Who else was going to save them from the blood sucking creature? I caught it with a crab net and put it in a coffee can. My brother doused it with Raid. It didn’t survive.

I’m not afraid of ghosts, yet. I did spend the night in my aunt’s haunted apartment and vaguely remember strange things happening, objects moving, door slamming, and the like. But that happens at my house every day. There are things that moved that I have yet to locate. Doors slam every time the windows open. I’m used to it.

I don’t think I’m afraid of the Headless Horseman, but I am afraid of horses so I guess it’s possible.

I’m not afraid of spiders, lizards, worms, moles (the animal not the ones on the skin), dogs, cats, or other critters boys tend to bring home to their mommy, except the aforementioned slithering belly to the ground serpents.

I’m not afraid of people seeing my house in disarray. It’s the only way my house ever is.

I’m not afraid of having the worst lawn on the street. My grandchildren ride their four-wheeler in the yard. I like that more than I fear the lawn patrol. To be honest, I’m more afraid of being run over by a young untrained driver.

Apparently I am not afraid of weight. If you are the same way let me know, I have some I can share with you.

I am not afraid of making a fool of myself. I do it every day and freely confess it in my blog.

I am not afraid of taking risks. I am the person who not only climbs out on the limb but I will saw it off and figure out how to get down safely once the limb has been separated from the tree.

I am not afraid of speaking my mind, even when the words come out wrong, the thoughts get garbled, and the meaning is misconstrued.

I am not afraid of trying new things as long as they don’t involve birds, sharks, heights, snakes, long distances out in the ocean, the lack of shoes and/or purses, or canned biscuits.

I am not afraid to post this before Halloween.

From the life and mind of: Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. I love to climb trees, but I’m afraid of heights. I used to be afraid of making a fool of myself, but it happened so often I’m use to it now, and being old, I don’t give a crap either.
    I love sailing yachts. Have been aboard hundreds of them, but never left port. scared of deep water, and don’t want to be out farther than I can swim in two minutes.
    I’m pretty normal, don’tcha think?


  2. Wonderful!
    I’m not afraid of as much as I used to be. Do you think it’s because I’m getting old and don’t give a s***?

  3. It’s amazing how fear lessens as we age, but now my greatest fear is looking in the mirror. Spiders, snakes, and sharks cannot hold a candle to the strange image that has taken my place. Guess I won’t have to dress up for Halloween.

  4. I just fear success. What if I am successful and then can’t do it again…like the one time I made a good pie. Everybody remembers that one pie…never been able to make it that way again.

  5. I’m not afraid of saying I’m inspired by your candor, your resilience, and your incessant good humor.

  6. I was an active professional firefighter for 21 years. I survived a number of incidents, but the biggest was a flashover explosion. My friend was under a lot of stress on his job and he was afraid of what was going to happen. I told him if he could go to work with me a couple days he’d be able to get over some of his stress and put things in perspective. Ask yourself: Is it as tough as being on fire? We both made it to retirement.

  7. I fear things that really should be feared like my boat not working while out on the river. I have an aversion to such things as spiders and bees. As far as other things, well, lets just say, I don’t take too many risks (ha, says the lady who lives in the wilderness of Alaska).

  8. Youre funny!
    I especially liked the part about your front lawn being prettier with the Grandkids on it with 4by4s than worrying about the lawn police. I can really relate!

  9. I used to be scared of getting old, but now I am old – and it’s not so bad 🙂
    Great piece – Happy Halloween to you!

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