I never paid much attention to neat people other than to notice that they annoy me more than an unscratchable itch. It’s even worse when they decide to perpetrate an attack of neatness upon my messiness. It really screws up my world and makes me non-functional.

I’ve worked with OCD types before but I always tried to avoid their influence. Mostly I’ve been successful at keeping them at bay.

A few years ago, in a complicated way, I hired one of these OCD people as my assistant. Somehow we have learned to work well with each other. I rely on her OCD tendencies to keep me on the right path. She relies on my messiness to ensure her job.

Day by day I began to recognize the idiosyncrasies of an OCD possessed person. I didn’t like them, the idiosyncrasies that is not the person, but I could spot both in a flash. I can’t say that I paid any more attention to the OCD possessed people than I did before, but I was certainly aware of the phenomenon when I encountered it. And encounter I did.

Just last week I was home early enough to be watching some of those judge shows I love. You know the ones. The people are just short of Jerry Springer guests and posses just as many complaints, both fiction and non-fiction.

On Divorce court with Judge Lynn Toler, there was one couple who had entered the courtroom to have a judge decide their fate.

The husband appeared to be normal. The wife appeared to be normal. Appearances can be deceiving. He spoke in a normal manner. She spoke OCD Associated Delusional Verbage. I made that up, but it fits.

The expressions on his face showed frustration, exasperation and few other “ations” that I can’t mention. Her expressions showed contempt for him and the judge.

He was calling her controlling. She said she had a right to be. He just didn’t get it. She was determined to make sure he did.

The judge finally asked them what was the final catalyst that landed them in court?

Husband: She is too controlling. I had my pajamas laid out to put on when I got out of the shower. What I found to wear when I got out of the shower was a different set that she laid out for me. What difference do it make about peejamas?

He had a point.

Wife: I had every right to change what he was going to wear. I had on a red night gown and he should have worn red boxers and pajamas.

Judge Lynn: You mean you color coordinated his underwear and pajamas with what you were wearing?

Wife: Yes I did. It’s only right.

Husband: See Judge. See how controlling she is.

Wife: He ain’t a man Judge. He can’t stand up to his grandmother. He goes there all the time.

Husband: I go there to get away from you. I don’t have to stand up to her.

Wife: Well you ain’t no man.

Judge Lynn: How could anybody be anything with you beating them down all the time?

If the relationship weren’t already in jeopardy it was now. She got louder and louder trying to explain his lack of cooperation with her OCD.

He stood there dumbfounded proving he had truly had enough.

She wanted spousal support for six months.

He wanted out stating “peace of mind at any cost.”

The judge settled the case but not before she let loose a bit of advice about the wife’s OCD tendencies and why everyone should see it her way and cooperate.

The wife got 3 months spousal support and advice from the judge to get a job, get a life and get treatment.

The husband finally got peace of mind.


Conversation stated from memory and not intended to be actual quotes. But it’s good enough to get the gist of what was going on in the courtroom.


From the life and mind of:

Wanda M. Argesinger

©2010 All Rights Reserved


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  1. Gave ya my blog instead. Good thing she didn’t wear plaid. Met a few in my day. I was told I was a bit OCD in that I’m too ‘Analytical.

  2. That poor guy, and I don’t seem to say that much. After going through a recent divorce myself, I was mortified when my husband, actually told the judge that he cheated so much, because I was always sick. The judge asked him if we had “in sickness and in health” in our vows, and then proceeded to throw the pervebial book at him. All in all, financially, he will literally $$$$$ pay the price for that remark, for a very long time LOL. I never realized until then, just how lucky I am to be rid of that idiot.

  3. Well, at least she didn’t lay out a lovely negligee for him. Every good divorce has its merits 🙂

  4. I am definitely not OCD, and they also drive me nuts. (Maybe that explains a lot about my personality, you think?) I mean, what difference does it make if my own underwear doesn’t match what I have on that everybody can see? I think I’ll go change my undies just to prove the point!
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  5. Oh…how I can relate. Anal retentive comes to my mind. I wonder what that woman would do if her husband turned the tables on her. She’d go ballistic!

  6. I am not sure what OCD is but I am certain there is none of it around my place!

  7. Oh my Lord – color coordinating their PJ’s?? That is wild! Thanks for the giggles!

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