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Facebook’s Photo of the Day

Oh GREAT! I don’t get involved in many of the offerings on Facebook, and the one time I do I get punked.

 I see all these things on Facebook all the time that I just have time to get involved in. Things like farming, baking, pimping, and other things that are a total waste of time to me. I am however fascinated by photos.

There are two different photo things on Facebook that catch my interest from time to time. One is something about being tagged in an album. I can only assume this means photo album because when you see that someone has been tagged in an album you then see some photos of the tagged person. I’ve never been tagged.

The other photo thing that I see happening on Facebook is called photo of the day. I actually participated in this once. I clicked on something that said who is in your photo of the day. It showed my oldest son holding his brand new son. It was a beautiful photo so I let Facebook post it on my “wall”. That’s what your home page is called in Facebook, your wall.

Today I was reviewing my notifications on Facebook and once again saw the note about photo of the day. Perhaps I didn’t read it correctly. Or perhaps Facebook is experiencing technical difficulties today. Not sure which, but I am sure there is a problem.

For when I clicked on the notification the following photo came up for me to vote on? photo of the dayI can attest to the fact that this photo is not in any of the groups of photos I have posted in my albums on Facebook. In fact, I can testify with absolute certainty that I have never before seen this photo. While it may accurately reflect something, I don’t think it reflects me. Well, it might at a bar-b-cue.

He is cute. I’m just not sure where he came from. Or who was behind sending him to me.

If the person behind this is trying to send a message, please take a minute and send it in English, American English if you don’t mind. I don’t do subtle so I haven’t a clue what you are saying. Or just simply reveal yourself because I’ve got a little something I’d like to share with you.

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  1. He is cute, Wanda. Actually, cuter than Miss Piggy. (Hush! Don’t tell her I said that!) It reminds me of a phone call I made to try to get to a bank about 30 miles from where I live to help a couple get their finances straightened out. The toll free number got me to a Chrylser/Jeep dealer; two of the numbers on the business card they gave the couple were reversed. There was another one on a letter from the bank, so I tried that one. Seems I got somebody in San Francisco–and they were speaking Chinese! They understood just enough English to give me another number, which was for a bank run by the same company someplace in Arizona, where I finally got them to connect me to the bank up here.
    This is progress?

  2. I was going to reply, but it’s about 1:00am, and I suddenly got brain dead. I see Face Book gave you a lemon, and you made lemonaide.

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