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Brrrrrrr – It’s Cold Outside

Okay. You win. Even those of us who live in the southern parts of this country will agree. It’s been a cold winter.

We’ve heard the stories of blizzards, lost power, floods, roads closed, schools closed, food shelves left bare, and even shortages of salt for the roads (Don’t look in the drawers in my desk. I swear I didn’t take your road salt.) But yesterday the news of how cold it is in the northern part of the country was a shock, even to those of us in the South.

According to the news sources some crazed knitter has been running around Cape May, New Jersey putting little sweaters on the trees and lamp poles.

Technically the abuse being perpetrated upon the innocent trees is against the law because it is being done on public property without permission. The authorities are even investigating but that task is not easy. There are no “hand made just for you by:” tags on the sweaters and the yarn is not unique enough to be traced back to a local store. Even the patterns used for the tree sweaters are not readily identifiable.

There is fear that the suspect is armed and could, if provoked, start an all out yarn attack on other innocent shrubbery and traffic signs.

The crazed knitter is working under the cover of darkness. The trees are naked when the sun goes down but warmly dressed when the sun comes up the next day.

No one knows who has undertaken the task of providing warmth for the trees. The residents of Cape May have dubbed this person The Midnight Knitter.

The mayor and many residents admit they’re enthralled by the rainbow of colors that has popped up around town.  

Even the few curmudgeons who aren’t thrilled with the colorful sweaters admit that it’s better than graffiti.

Is The Midnight Knitter and artist? A once ignored wool connoisseur? A shepherd? A spinner of wool? A crazed crocheter who was once bullied by a tree? Or perhaps just someone who cares about trees and wants to ensure that they are provided with protection from the terrible winter of 2009?

The trees, which are currently the only witnesses to the crime, have turned over new leaves and claim they saw nothing. The lamp posts have also been unable to shine any light on the mystery.  

The identity of the Midnight Knitter remains a mystery.


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  1. Too funny. That would have been an easy task back in ND, where there are very few trees. Here in WI it would be a real challenge. Of course I suppose you could always put the little sweaters on the telephone poles, since they are the “state tree.”

  2. Sounds like a ‘yarn’ to me!….cute though….

  3. That was entertaining Wanda! I did see a picture of the ‘victims’ and they are quite colorful!

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