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A Good Deed Pays Off In Dollars And Cents

If a good deed goes terribly wrong, does the original intent of the act still count? Yeah, that’s what I think too.

When I arrived at the salon yesterday to get my hair done, my stylist Carol Lynne was deep in conversation with a friend/client/need-to-talk lady, Raychelle. It seems that Raychelle had just been involved in an act of kindness and was now paying for her good deed by spending mega bucks to fix her truck.

Raychelle was the first woman to be qualified and certified as a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot. She was damn good at her job but has been retired now for a few years. I would guess being qualified as a Black Hawk pilot would also mean she is at least qualified as a driver of one pick-up truck. (Do they still call them that, or are they just trucks now? Sorry, I’m wandering again.)

Anyway, Raychelle was supposed to move from her current home to her new home using her pick-up truck. Somewhere in the moving process, she had to make a trip to Wal-Mart. I suspect this was not the only trip required during the move, but it was actually the last trip of any kind she would be making that day.

When Raychelle arrived in the mega-huge Wal-Mart parking lot she noticed a family trying to put a swimming pool in the back of their car. The process was not going well. There was a lot of heaving and hefting and nudging and downright shoving. All to no avail. It was not going to fit and it didn’t take a genius to recognize there was a problem.

Being the kind person that she is, Raychelle offered the use of her truck to take the swimming pool to its new home. The parking lot people accepted and began to heave the pool in to the back of Raychelle’s truck. They heaved so hard the pool went right through the back window.

They didn’t comment on the window, just hollered out, “follow us. It’s not too far.”

Raychelle had just witnessed her first act of ingratitude and obliviousness by these people.

To sum it up, Raychelle was stunned.

“Huh. Didn’t they see that they broke the window?”  Raychelle was wondering a lot of things about this time, but the parking lot people sped out so fast Raychelle left part of her tires on the parking lot trying to catch them.

“Dammit. I bet they stole that pool and I’m going to get caught with it in my truck.”

Raychelle’s mind was whirring and her truck was speeding trying to keep the parking lot people in sight. They made left turns. They made right turns. Raychelle made up new words as the pool in the back of her truck slid one way then the other leaving dents each time it hit one side of the truck and bounced to the other.

The parking lot people finally stopped at a house on a dirt road. Raychelle followed, stopping just before she hit their car that had no brake lights and had given no indication it was about to halt its forward progress. Before her truck came to a complete stop, two ‘big ole boys’ jumped in to the back of the truck and removed the pool.

All of the parking lot people, their neighbors, and the dog headed to the back yard to set up the pool. Nary a thank you, an I’m sorry ‘bout your truck ma’am, can we give you something for your trouble, or a kiss my butt was uttered to Raychelle, who gathered her wits and left the scene as fast as her truck would let her. In her mind the faster she left and the farther she was away from the whole parking lot people pool scene, the better off she was going to be.

When I came upon Raychelle, she and Carol Lynne were bemoaning the doing of good deeds. It seems this one is going to cost Raychelle $500 for the new window and who knows how much for dent removal. Raychelle is thinking she should have moved and ignored the calling to go to Wal-Mart. I’m thinking she’s right.

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Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. Yep, doing good deeds can be expensive. I stopped once to go back and help another driver in distress. The truck didn’t see me. His bump of my car totalled it but no one got hurt.

    Yea, doing good deeds without thanks happens often, but, the good deed doer has the satisfaction of feeling good about it.

  2. What a story! Raychelle has, in more than one way, paid it forward. I’ll bet that after a swim and a few beers Bubba said, “We forgot to say thanks to that nice lady for hauling our stolen pool.”

  3. What a story! I hope Fate smiles on Raychelle for trying to be a good Samaritan.

  4. What’s that saying “No good deed goes unpunished.” Must have been a relative of Raychelle.

  5. Too bad the world has ungrateful people,but take comfort that the Law of Averages still works.What goes around comes around.

  6. OMG, poor Raychelle. See, I think road rage would have been the “temporary insanity” plea I would have entered after I took my truck and made sure there was no vehicle of theirs left….. Bubba’s, as you would call them.

  7. Joyce A. Anthony

    I have to agree with Ingrid!!! It is people like these ones that makes ohers give up trying to do good deeds 🙁

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