If you put yourself in the public eye and open to criticism of your work, and criticism comes from an unexpected place, do you run and hide? Yeah, that’s what I would do.

Lately some of my books have really been flying of the shelf. Well, flying off the mantle they are on. They are in a salon that is in an old house, which for Pensacola is normal. When residents leave, business owners move in.

Don’t get too excited. Those words don’t mean my books are the hottest commodity at the salon. Those words should be taken literally. Literally as in they are literally flying off the shelf, or in this case mantle.

Last week when the owners arrived at the shop one of the books appeared to have fallen on to the floor. The other book appeared to have leaped to its death. It’s final resting place was 6 feet across the room.

No windows were left open, and the book is too heavy to be blown anywhere. It would take great heft or hate to move that far.

I’m guessing either the books are possessed or the salon is haunted. final ghost book

I suspect the latter.

Since learning of the leaping, nay flying, books, I have been pondering whether the books are trying to escape or perhaps a ghost finds them unreadable.

Perhaps the ghost is a literary critic and she/he hates my book. But the book wasn’t written by a ghost writer. Yours truly penned every word and is proud to say so.

My story has no ghost stories in it, so they can’t be looking for relatives, or long lost family members.

Perhaps the ghost thinks it is related to one of the characters in the book. The book is, after all, a book by southern women about southern families and the characters resemble many people from different periods of time in the South.

Great! I knew I probably had critics out there in the world, but daaahm. Do I have them in the netherworld too?

Not only can I have haters in this world, now it’s possible to have them in a previous world.

How can a ghost hate a book that was written after her demise, assuming the ghost is female?

Has the ghost actually read the book?

What gives her the right to fling my books about hither and yon? I believe my copyright may allude to that being illegal.

Is she one of those women who throws things when she’s angry? Is my book the closest object to her hand when she’s angry? Is she using it to kill her dead husband, avenge a hundred year old wrong, or make some other point? And what point exactly is she trying to make?

I can take the heat/hate from critics of this world, but how can I defend my words against haints from another world?

My fears thrive without ghosts.

I am my own worst critic and can tell myself that my writing sucks.

I don’t need help in that area. Writers are known to be self-judging, insecure, drunkards.

My fears are now in hyper mode making me more insane and confused that ever before.

If there is one haint critic, what’s to say there aren’t more? These old southern houses are haunted, and now reoccupied by living souls. This means multiple critics can and may exist from multiple centuries in one house. As if I need that to worry about.


From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

© 2015 All Rights Reserved

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  1. funny read, Wanda!!! I used to think my dog was an atheist because she urinated on my Bible twice and chewed up my son’s devotion book. Turns out she just needed to go outside.

  2. Oh no! Ghosts know no time frame. And critics seem to live forever. Leave them some cookies and milk. Well, it works for Santa.

    How can we find your books?

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