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Gifts From the Gods

If someone presents themselves to you freely of their own volition to be a complete and utter fool, do you try to make them feel better about themselves or pounce? Yes, me too.

As a writer, I hear it all the time. Where do you get your ideas? Aren’t you afraid you will experience writer’s block? Don’t you think you will run out of material and then what will you do?

They land in my lap. Nope. Not as long as there are people on this earth.

idiotSometimes my ideas come from what I see. Sometimes from what I read. Sometimes they land right in my lap, a present from the gods, or from some idiot who doesn’t know any better.

I didn’t have an idea for this week’s blog. That was until yesterday. I was sitting at my desk – working. Yes I do work, and work that isn’t always related to writing. And what to my wondering eyes should appear – an e-mail stating that the sender is an idiot. And the idiot was announcing this to the world. And not just my world. Oh, no. This idiot is an idiot of the most magnanimous kind. This idiot copied the evidence to people all over. Since most of the announcement was done via the BCC option, we can only surmise that untold numbers of people now know that the sender is an idiot.

I offer in evidence:

  • The email was sent from the sender to the sender (HUH?)
  • The e-mail was BCC’d to people who could give a rat’s ass (other than now knowing the sender is an idiot)
  • The e-mail began by stating that the sender hopes to meet the sender on Friday at the BBHSRQ469 something or other
  • After stating that they hope to meet themselves on Friday the sender introduced themselves to themselves even stating their title and current position with the company
  • The sender then asked for an appointment with themselves (I quote “I would like an appointment to introduce myself to you..”) (side note; actually 2 side notes; I hope they get to have an appointment with themselves; I wish I was a fly on the wall of that meeting as I am quite sure I would get enough information to have blogs for the next year)
  • The e-mail asked questions about the services provided by the sender’s company that the sender should know
  • These questions about these services were asked BY THE SENDER
  • There was a list in the e-mail that read something like this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,a,b,c,d,e (I don’t know what happened after 7. I am guessing the numbers were either forgotten or refused to work for the sender)
  • The sender signed their name (not that it was needed as the sender sent this e-mail to themselves via the company network)
  • The sender mangled the company slogan, not that they will remember but perhaps the receiver will remind the sender of this error

I kid you not on the above evidence. Who could make this stuff up?

Just when I think despair is the appropriate thing to feel about my writing, I am handed a gift. Fodder that doesn’t require a lot of creativity. As long as people exist on this planet, or some other planet, I have an endless supply of ideas for humor. Sometimes, like yesterday, these ideas come wrapped in their own idiocy and humor, like fruit hanging on a tree, or a present under the tree. All you have to do is be willing to pick the fruit or open the present, and voila. Laughter for the masses.

I just love a gift from the gods.

From the life and mind of: Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. I need something for this week, funny lady. Show me the idiots!

  2. Great post, Wanda.
    Hey, I’m an idiot and know it. I’m sure someone outside my skin would have countless blogs.
    Sending to self: I get those quite often. People use their name as the group name.

  3. Definitely a keeper! One of your best. But in defense of us idiots, I sometimes send something to myself just so I can remember what it was I said to other people I was sending it to. Remember, yesterday I went to an eye appointment on the wrong day, lost my child’s i-pad, and hubby tried to open the car door using his cell phone.

  4. Actually, I don’t think green stuff is fattening unless it’s M&M’s, green cake or pie.

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