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Nekkid Inspiration

Have you lost your inspiration?

Your muse?

Your compelling reason to do whatever it is you do?

Well try doing it nekkid.

You heard me. Nekkid. As in sans the clothes.

I thought I would never struggle with writer’s block.

I was a blockhead to think that

For some, writing takes concentration. For some it takes inspiration. For others it takes late night infomercials. And for others it takes being strong enough to be nude.

When Victor Hugo, the famous author of wrote Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, he had everything but pen and paper removed from his room, including his clothes, so he had nothing to do but write.

It is rumored that Ernest Hemingway, author of A Farewell to Arms, is said to have written nude, standing up, with his typewriter about waist level. (I’m not going to state the obvious danger in this practice.)

Other nude writers include D.H. Lawrence, James Whitcomb Riley, Benjamin Franklin, and Agatha Christie.
To each his own, or her own, as the case may be.

There are days when my muse is absent. When no matter how hard I try the words will not flow. Or if they do flow, they seem to flow in an incoherent river.

I have pounded my head.

I have walked aimlessly about.

I have read.

I have listened to music.

I have screamed in agony.

I have never tried removing my clothes.

Perhaps that’s why I have not had a bestseller – as of yet.

I, who am not afraid, am willing to try anything to inspire my muse,including being butt nekkid. If that produces a bestseller, then so be it.

As long as I can remain inside, by myself, behind closed doors.

From the life and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2010 All Rights Reserved

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  1. After sitting down in the bathroom of a nearby restaurant and discovering that there was a full length mirror directly in front of me, there is no way I want ANYBODY to see me nekkid–not even me! I’ll just struggle along towards that best-seller mark in some other way.

  2. OMG, Wanda. That’s hilarious! I love finding out little tidbits about writers and their crafts. Funny using the word tidbits when referring to naked male writers. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed that. Will I try it? Hmmmm… not ruling it out.

  3. Go for it, Wanda! Let us know if it works. At this point I’m willing to try. I’ve been getting a lot done the past few days, but am about 30K words short.

  4. Wanda,
    If you are really serious about having writers block try mooning the neighbors.
    That will give you a lot of writing ideas.


  5. I’m with Janet, I sill need a towel.

  6. With my luck that’s when all of the kis would decide to stop by! The 47 windows in my house might be a deterrent also!

  7. Watch those blinds too! What a hoot(er)!! Loved it, Wanda! One of your funniest titles ever!

  8. I subscribe to your blog but it appears to be broken. Not your fault, one of my own is doing the same thing. Anyway, I haven’t see an update for a while so I thought I’d check. Sorry I’m so late. I’m not worried about neighbors here, even the furry kind don’t hang around much, and though they might see the window, I don’t think they see past it very well. Temperature precludes my going totally butt nekkid, but does a bathrobe count? Many’s the times I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night and not bothered to dress in anything more. Does that mean I’ve got a blockbuster sitting here on my computer? hahaha I hope so.

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