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High And Snide – A Match Made For Never

When other people make remarks about something you wear, like your shoes, and it begins with “I can’t believe,” do you think they really care, or are they being snide? Yeah, that’s what I think too.

I wear high heels.

Really high heels.

In outrageous colors.

In crazy styles.

Costing as much as the entire budget of some small nations.

I wear them every day.

And I love them.

If you catch me without my heels it’s because I’m either dead, sick, or dead.

I can’t walk without them. Yes, I’m serious about this. I look like a total dufus, wobbling and tripping my way down the hall. Flat shoes and flat feet aren’t for me.

I own so many heels that I have an entire closet just for my heels. Hell, I could probably go an entire month and never wear the same pair twice.

I could. If I wanted to.

Of course I have my favorites that get worn more than the others. But I love them all equally.

And I love how I look in them.

No, not a basketball on tooth picks kind of look, but ladylike. Tall legs. Perfectly muscled calves. Hey, it’s my fantasy. Leave it alone.

So when I hear people (one in particular) say, ‘I can’t believe you still wear heels’, it makes me wonder what they (she) really means.
– Hey. Don’t you know you’re too old to wear shoes with heels?
– Shouldn’t you be shopping at the Clark’s store for shoes by now?
– Do you know you look like an idiot wearing heels at your age?
– Why don’t you act your age?
– Let me show you where you can find some very comfortable and totally ugly shoes. After all, you deserve them.
– I’m sure those heels aren’t helping the pain in your back.
– I wish I could wear heels, but since I can’t I’m going to make snide remarks about you in a vain attempt to make you feel bad and make me feel better.

And you think I care about your comments?


Think again chicky-doo.

Neither you nor your comments, nor your sideward glances will make me shed my heels.

I have plans on wearing heels until I die, or can’t walk, whichever comes first. And then I may wear them just to spite those who think I can’t or shouldn’t.

That just the way I am being a caring person and all.

From the life and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2011 All Rights Reserved

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  1. You go, girl! The beauties that I taught in for 30 years have gone with the wind, but I admire you for doing what you like.

  2. I used to wear spike heels too. I don’t anymore. It is not that I don’t want to. I’d kill to still be able to wear them. It is because (1)I’ve gotten too fat and I’m afraid they’d break, (2) My knees gave out and I would need major help to get up, or (3) I’m just plain chicken, and I don’t ice skate anymore either, but I would love to.

    So, if you hear me make a snide remark about your heels, it would be because I’m so dang jealous of you!!!! I think maybe I should get a cute pair of heels so when I get put in that wooden box I can go out in style!!!
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  3. Wear what makes you feel good. I prefer to go barefoot. If others don’t like it, then they are just jealous that they are not able to. I even go barefoot in the winter and winter here includes things like snow and ice. I wear sandals when I drive or go into stores, but otherwise, it’s no shoes for me. I hate athletic types of shoes though.

  4. I prefer bare feet. And I’m not a shoe person. Earrings are another matter altogether. And I like the big, gaudy ones. I just got a new pair of turquoise ones with danglies. I can’t wait to wear them! Do your shoes! Why not? I’m wearing my fancy earrings with jeans!

  5. oh oh, I know the “chicky-doo” you mention here….you without heels is like the beach without sand….wear your heels proudly!

  6. I’m with you,Wanda! We are that age where we can do what we darn please. when I was young I thought I had to have the next-best-thing to Dapper Dan for my hair treatment. Lo, and behold, I discovered I liked it better with no hair treatment. Now that I’m a grouchy old cuss I don’t give a hoot what my hair looks like and I don’t give a hoot what other people say about it either. I have discovered that unkempt in old age is haute couture.

  7. You tell ’em. Personally, I can’t wear them, but I defend your right to wear them until the day after they fill in your grave. haha She’s just jealous cause you look so great in them and she knows she doesn’t have a chance. Next time she wears heels, even low ones, you should ask her how her meeting with Lady Gaga went. hahaha

  8. Sounds like you know a pretty rude bee-atch. You want I should throat-punch her?

  9. You go, girl! Wear what you like and don’t worry about the snide-ettes. If I tried anything higher than 1 1/2″ the resulting casts on my nose and ankles would ruin the total look.

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