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As Goes New Year’s Day So Goes The Year

My Daddy once told me, during a heated discussion about my lazy butted self lying on the couch in a house dress after noon on New Year’s Day, that “however you spend your New Year’s Day is how you will spend the rest of the year.”

I can only hope he was right.

I have tried to prove him right time and time again, but I only get one chance per year to set my plan in motion.

I spent this past New Year’s Day, the one of 2013, lying around, on the couch, all day, in nothing but a worthless house dress.

It wasn’t until after noon that I remembered my Daddy’s words.

Up until the remembering part, I had spent the day in sweet, ignorant bliss. I didn’t worry about food. I didn’t worry about work. I didn’t worry about bills. I didn’t worry about money.

I did however worry about the state of television programming. It sucked and I was hoping, make that praying, that part of Daddy’s prediction would not be true. I just hate a year when there’s nothing on television worth watching.

I do however love a year, or even days when I can lay my lazy self around wearing nothing but a worthless house dress on any piece of furniture, be it inside or outside, at my house or at someone’s else’s house. The location is not the important part. They lying about is what’s important. The not worrying is important. The being comfortable is important. When I think about I realize I am more comfortable and worry less at other’s houses. There I can’t see all the things I need to worry about.

I almost succeeded at lying about for the better part of last year. Sad part is, it wasn’t part of my plan. It was more due to the lupus, but, any part of success is to be celebrated. So for the two months I did keep my lazy butt on the couch, hurray. Small successes are counted too, even if the sick part did suck.

So here’s to 2013 and lying about in worthless house dresses worry about nothing.

Correction. I’ll worry about having something to drink.

Happy New Year – All year long.

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