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Shopping For Erma

Since I haven’t purchased any clothes since the 2012 Erma Workshop, and most of those show substantial wear, I bought a new box of courage and brave the shopping world yesterday. At the mall.  In the Easter shopping crowd. And ...

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Addicted and On The Edge

For clarification purposes: This is a conversation my friend CeeCee (the adicted one) had with a customer serivce rep a the company where CeeCee had orderd merchandise. Engjoy her ride with addiction. “What do you mean it won’t arrive until ...

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Day Fourteen In Hell !

Oooops! Sorry, I think it’s only day 3, just forgot for a moment. It’s hard to keep my brain working properly without its normal diet of caffeine, Coke and chocolate. I wasn’t sure what I was going to eat for ...

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