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Happy New Year 2011

Are you ready for Christmas? There are only 360 shopping days left. I’m not ready for the Christmas that we just had. What are you doing for New Year? Nothing. Accomplishments in 20 10 – zero. Days in which accomplishments ...

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Remote Control Drivers

NEWS ALERT: When I drive my car I am normally in the driver’s seat – inside the car. I have found that to be the best place to be if I want to control the vehicle, see clearly, and control ...

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A Christmas Reply (to my friend Dawn)

WTF? What happens when you go to write a blog and realize you don’t have MS Office on your computer? Exactly. I used to have it but my computer began making a microphone feedback noise that was killing the owls ...

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It Just Isn’t Christmas Without Zucchini

Getting underwear for Christmas is on the same excitement scale of receiving any more than one delivery of zucchini in the summer from your gardening neighbor. Gardening neighbors can’t give the stuff away as fast as it produces so they ...

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Christmas Curmudgeons

I demand an answer! I have the right to know. Just what kind of Christmas Curmudgeon lives in the attics, basements and sheds of this world? What beast would take joy in ruining this special season before it even gets ...

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Don’t You Just Love A Good One Night Stand?

I slept with Omar last night. Oh don’t get all self-righteous on me. It wasn’t my fault. It all began rather innocently, but then, don’t all one night stands? I was trying to track down an errant shipment. One placed ...

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A Change of Seasons

Today marks the change of seasons along the Gulf Coast . No, it’s not some arbitrary date some person stuck on a calendar years ago. Some square with the words saying “lookey, lookey, it’s autumn.” This is a real bonafide ...

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From Hello to Sex In Eight Words Or Less

Geroge Carlin was famous for his “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” I get propositions in eight words or less. I’d rather hear every one of Geroge’s seven. The proposition scenario goes like this. Crazed internet sex fiend: ...

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Running With The Big Dogs

Have you ever been stopped by the police and told you were driving too slow, even though you were driving the speed limit? Yeah, me too. It happened to my assistant while she was in Mobile, Alabama. I was in ...

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Nekkid Inspiration

Have you lost your inspiration? Your muse? Your compelling reason to do whatever it is you do? Well try doing it nekkid. You heard me. Nekkid. As in sans the clothes. I thought I would never struggle with writer’s block. ...

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