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Jammied Up at Work

Do you ever have those days where you get up, get dressed, and head out for the day and only when you see yourself in some window or mirror you say Whapaheo? Yeah, me too.

I’m walking around in my pajamas today. pajamas

You might not notice, but I do, and it is driving me crazy.

My clothes weren’t purchased as pajamas.

They were actually sold in the ladies department or a ladies store. Normal in every way. Until I put them on today. Then they turned in to pajamas. And I am wearing them at work.

Where was my head?

Oh yeah. I dress in the dark.

But I know my clothes. I know my body. Apparently I don’t know what looks good on me.

I didn’t notice this problem until I was at the office. I walked out of my office in to the hall and gasped. OMG. I look like I’m wearing pajamas.

I not a stodgy soul, well, most of the time I’m not. Ok, I am when it comes to dressing for work.

Today I took a chance and instead of wearing long trousers I wore capris. Hey. It’s Florida. It’s summer. It’s almost 100 degrees. And we are allowed to wear capris.

They might have been okay by themselves but I am wearing a nylon or jersey or some flowy fabric that has a scoop neck and a flowy, flouncy, longer than normal multi-colored flowered top. Hence pajamas.

If it were any longer it could be a nightgown. Not that I’d wear it. I don’t wear nightgowns. I don’t even wear pajamas. Well, except at work apparently.

I arrive at work very early so my first thought was, “Do I have time to run home and change?”


Second thought was, “Is there a store open this early?”

Other than Wal-Mart, No.

So her I sit in my pajamas.

Waiting for someone to say something about them.

So I can slap them silly.

Or not. I could just start a new trend.

Pajamas for Everyone. Every day. Everywhere.


From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. It’s already that way in Wal-Mart–at least, where the customers are concerned. Thanks for the laughs!


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