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June 1st The Undeclared Holiday

If you know how important June 1st is to Floridians and anyone along the Gulf Coast or Eastern Seaboard is and you don’t recognize it, should you be shot? Yeah, I think so too.

It’s June 1st in Florida. hurricane surfing

It’s also June 1st around the world.

Why should you care?

Because June 1st should be a freaking holiday and it isn’t.

I don’t know if we can have regional holidays, but if we can, June 1st should be one. If not, then it should be a national holiday.

If we all have to work on June 1st when are we going to find time to go to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and the liquor store?

When will we be able to make a run on plywood, bread, and liquor?

If we don’t stock up on Vienna sausage, potted meat, and crackers, what will we live on when we lose our electricity?

Without a sufficient stock of liquor how can we party while the wind blows our house away?

And batteries. What about batteries? Without those wonderful suppliers of radio noise how will we be able to track the path of our demise?

So much to do and so little time and today isn’t a national Holiday?

Why is that do you suppose?

Is it because until Hurricane Sandy hitting the northeast June 1st was only important to those residing in the South; near coastal areas?

Is this some form of Southern discrimination?

Without June 1st how would we know when to pullout the hurricane map?

How would we know when to begin drinking in large quantities? Scratch that. We don’t really need a reason.

How would we know that worrying time is near and on our worry list we now need to add the worry about being blown away or drowned in our front yards?

How would we know to begin thinking about purchasing anchors to secure things so they won’t blow about?

How would we know when the best surfing waves will be in our area?

How will we know when the tourists are off the beaches and it’s once again safe for the locals?

June 1st. The beginning of hurricane season comes around every year, and still it isn’t considered a Holiday.

Someone or someones have seriously screwed up in the holiday department and I am here to point that out. I am starting a petition now to have June 1st declared a holiday so that we can begin a run on the various stores, being the worrying, roll out the tracking maps, and start drinking. Ok, scratch the last. But bring your bottle and sign the petition.

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  1. Wonderful, Wanda!
    You said it all and said it so well.
    Last weekend was tax free hurricane preparedness weekend here in Va. We could buy all hurricane supplies tax free – except for the food and liquor. I thought at least granola bars would be on the list. Sadly, no.

  2. Anchors away!

    Actually, parts of The South, including North Carolina use to celebrate Easter on a different day from the rest of the USdamnA, but It’s been changed so many times I forget.
    I think we celebrated it as Easter Monday, but it was changed by some Infidel to Easter Friday.
    Now, I don’t pay attention to the calendar. Every day is my holiday now.

  3. Too funny, Wanda. I lived in FL for a couple of years, and I know just what you’re talking about!

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