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The A B C’s of My Confusion

If you think everyone else knows, but you in fact don’t know, does it drive you crazy? Yeah, me too. against acronyms

I get so annoyed on FaceBook but it’s not their fault. It’s your fault. Yes you. You the posters of all the stuff I don’t know. Things like ACFW, QPBA, Join me at the 4th St Bookstore at 7:30, Friday, September 19, 2013.

It’s not enough and I’m here to stand up for the confused among us.

How do you know that I wouldn’t like to be a part of your ACFW, if I knew what it was?

How do you expect me to attend whatever event is being held at the 4th St Bookstore on September 19, 2013 if I don’t know what town it is being held in?  Hell, I don’t even know what country the event is being held in.

I’m always looking for something fun to do. A new group of people to hang out with. Your group could be perfect for me, if I knew who you were.

I keep an eye out for events in my area, but if we have a 4th St, it’s been kept quiet until now. I read about so many fantastic conferences where I could meet interesting people, learn new things, give my money to people I don’t know, and yet here I sit because I don’t understand the CAPITAL LETTERS you use instead of words.

Who knows? I might be your new best friend, if I could find you.

I thought secret societies went out shortly after the Crusades, or was that after Dan Brown’s book? Whatever, there seem to be more of them now than ever before. I did find out what the SCBWI letters stand for because I have a friend who is a member. If not for her I would be trying to locate the South Coast Book Writer’s International group. I would be looking forever. They don’t exist. Well maybe they do, but they are existing in secret.

How am I ever going to progress in my chosen career if you all keep hiding these things from me? How am I ever going to spend countless sums of money on your classes, conferences, books, and such when I don’t even know you exist?

If the letters aren’t bad enough you tempt me with Cook and Write retreats, or Write and Walk retreats in places such as Yorkshire Dales, or the road to the lighthouse. Where exactly are the places? Can they be found on a map, a globe, via GPS, Tom Tom, Alice Alice or even OnStar? And why do you assume that just because they are where you are and you happen to know where that is – that anyone else will read your words and know where the hell you and these places are? If you and they are – I have my doubts.

Is there a cheat sheet that FB keeps to translate things such as FPQ, RWA, BWA, RFQ, FRQ, Road, Dale, Chip and Valley into readable English? If so, show me the way, because I am lost in the land of letters – and this is not my home.


From the life and times of: Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. Hooray for you! You said it well. I usually just fume or say, “must not be here.”

    I used to work for state government where acronyms were rampant. After awhile it becomes your second language and you hate to translate, because it takes too long. Even so, when I was talking for writing to someone not in my agency I made a point to use regular American English. That’s confusing enough.

  2. As we say around these parts, YAGBTS! You hit that nail on the head. It’s everywhere.

  3. I simply had to share this one. I SO feel the same hahaha

  4. Too funny. And to think we work with about 150 of them at work too… Just love it

  5. Oh, Wanda, that is TFFW and I am not JPYL. You have a real way with the FBOWWS. Keep on going. Your are TGTKSFVL.

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