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The “O” Word Creeps Closer Each Day

What the Hell?  What is wrong with me? I returned less than a week ago from the most fantabulous conference ever. It was positive. It was energetic. It was inspiring. It was exhausting. Now I’m reading on Facebook how everyone ...

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I Don’t Do Math, But I’m Counting

If you failed miserably at something as a child, mastered it as an adult, but still carry that burden of failure, do you embrace the achievement and move on, or forever linger in the land of “I can’ts and I ...

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The A B C’s of My Confusion

If you think everyone else knows, but you in fact don’t know, does it drive you crazy? Yeah, me too. I get so annoyed on FaceBook but it’s not their fault. It’s your fault. Yes you. You the posters of ...

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I Swear It’s Gonna Be Different This Time

Are you one of those people with high hopes for the weekend? Yeah me too. But that’s all I ever have are High Hopes. I go in to each weekend with such high hopes, big plans, gonna dos (that’s the ...

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Pardon the Excuses

If you haven’t been doing what you should have been doing and have no good reason for not doing it, do your confess or make up more interesting excuses so you don’t appear to be lazy? Yeah, me too! I ...

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I May Be Slow, But I’ll Get There Eventually

Giveaway Time The nice people at PrintRunner are allowing me to giveaway a set of custom printed labels. To win all you have to do is follow my blog during the month of May and comment on the posts. There ...

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Creative Do Nothingness

Don’t you love conferences, workshops, meetings of the mind, chili cook-off’s, candle parties? Ooops. Forget the last two. Too much creativity in the air right now. I love gatherings of any kind where creative minds meet. Ideas flowing. Energy surging. ...

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Lost In Space – Or Something Like That

I lose things. A lot of things. All the time. My losses are total, never partial. I never lose 1/2 of a sock, or 3/4 of a pair of pantyhose, or even 1/3 of a car key. I lose the ...

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Good Vibrations?

I want to be famous! I want to learn from other writers! I want to keep current on what writers are doing, saying and thinking! I want a break!!!! A few years ago I joined a group of writers who ...

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