Happy Holidays

Thoughts for the 2009 Holidays

  1. If you drink too much and over eat, wake one day and can’t see your feet – you enjoyed the holidays a bit too much.
  2. Ready or not, here they come. The holidays are going to come regardless of your state of preparation.
  3. Gift giving and receiving is like art – no one likes everything and everyone will misinterpret something.
  4. Gifts lists get shorter as a person ages and the costs of the gifts on the list are proportional to the length of the list.
  5. Baking cookies and making sweets are a lot more fun with children helping – mess and all.
  6. There will always be someone important in your life that can’t be with you for the holidays. There will also be those present that you wish were with Santa Claus at  the North Pole.
  7. You can’t avoid your family, no matter what your relationship with them is.  With Facebook, Twitter, GPS and smart phones, there just isn’t a place good enough to hide in anymore.
  8. Contrary to what you hear, re-gifting is a reality. Make good notes.
  9. Buy batteries in every size and when you think you have enough, buy more.

10.  From one mother to the world be careful about giving underwear as a gift to your children after the age of       There are too many underwear options to ever get it right.

11.  If you are buying gifts for teenagers, there are four truths to remember –everything is expensive; you need to have mega credit limits on your charge cards; if it’s not  electronic it’s not good; # 9 from the list.

12.  No matter how much you do and how many lists you make something will always be forgotten.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Feliz Navidad, & Goodnight

From the mind and life of:

Wanda M. Argersinger

All Rights Reserved 2009


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  1. Some of them I can relate to, others, no way. Still, I will never be organized enough to manage to write a list like that. LOL!
    Janet Elaine Smith, author of fun Christmas books (and others)

  2. Holidays are much like great weddings. It’s never about what goes swimmingly. The gaffs, bloopers, and blunders go down in the book of timeless memories — all subject to chronic retelling 🙂 Happy holidays, Wanda!

  3. OK, I must admit I would LOVE to see some of the folks that I MUST visit at Christmas be in the North Pole with Santa….wonder if I can put that on my Christmas list next year….LOL….Hugs to ya Wanda and Merry Christmas!

  4. A lot of truth in this list.

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