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A Sign of the Minds

My post to my blog today gave you a glimpse into just how the day began. Well, it’s now 2:30 in the afternoon and I can say with confidence that this morning was the best part of the day.

As many of you know I work two jobs. Yes, I’m insane but for the most part I love what I do. My second job is for a non-profit which is governed by a Board of Directors. We have the most important board meeting of the year planned for next week. Attendance should be mandatory but even without a mandate I would think the members would make every effort to be there. They aren’t.

I found out today that one member can’t be there because she is having surgery. Excused.  Another member can’t be there because her brother is having surgery. Lame excuse unless it’s brain or heart surgery. I heard rumors that he is having an ingrown toenail removed. Two members will be here but have to leave early. I didn’t ask why but on sunny days in Florida the beach is always a good guess. One member has no hat to wear so may not be able to attend. Two members walked in a few minutes ago and resigned from the board. They were also the facilitators of the support group here. The support group is meeting this Saturday.

Last Saturday I drove to Tallahassee, which is three hours from here, to attend the support group there. I drove down that morning for a 10 o’clock meeting then drove home afterwards. This Thursday I will drive to Mobile, Alabama to facilitate the support group there. That’s an hour and half drive one way. This Saturday I will change my plans to facilitate the support group here.

Yes, we have a couple who will step in and facilitate this group when needed. I called them. They can’t help because they have to ride trains this weekend with their grandson. My second option can’t help either. They have to count the fleas on their dog. The third option said they are supposed to make snowmen, or was it polish stones, or plant kumquats? I don’t remember exactly, only that they also could not help.

I did send an e-mail to the entire board to let them know of the situation. I got one reply from the guy who said he doesn’t have a hat so he can’t attend the meeting. Another reply said thank you for being such a dedicated employee. The third response came from an iPhone. The iPhone board member is windsurfing, or hang gliding, or lying while in Tibet. No offers of help with the support group. There was however one piece of advice from a friend who I went whining to. She said to start drinking now and not to stop until after the board meeting next week. And only then if I manage to resign or get committed. I think she meant if I got committed and not the board members. No other advice was offered for a weary Executive Director who is ready to jump ship and write for a living.

It’s now 4:37 p.m. and I just received an e-mail. I wrote a grant for funding from the Office of Women’s Health for a project to be done during Women’s Health Week 2010. The project wasn’t selected. No money for us from OWH.

If you detect frustration in my words you would be right. If you detect hostility, you’re a bit short of the mark. I am more in the range of postal right now and have no one here to take out but me. I guess I’ll have to take me out for a very large margarita.

Any advice from my blog readers? Believe me, anything you offer will be a far sight better than the non-advice I’ve gotten today. Just don’t tell me to wear a hat. I look terrible in them.


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  1. Sorry for your lousy day. However, don’t put down the one with the ingrown toenail. I’ve had one of them–for many years before it was finally removed, actually–and they hurt like he**. That one I would excuse.

    The only advice I can give you is to quit looking for the board members from among the ones who are lounging on the beach, lying in Tibet, etc. I’ve lived long enough to know that the only people who will actually show up to do something are the people who are already so busy that they really shouldn’t have time to show up at your meetings, but those are the ones who will be there.
    Hope that helps. And no, I live too far away to be on any of your boards, although I do manage to keep busy.
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author, marketer, editor, church activist, etc.

  2. Fire the ENTIRE board and start with ALL new blood….who needs folks who cannot commit to obligation….

  3. Have a board meeting of one, and appoint yourself as the entire board until
    until you think of a suitable remedy.I would substitute Pepsi for the mmmargarita.
    When my cardiologist was (down there) sending a catheter into my puny heart I asked him to remove my entire right big-toe because the ingrown nail hurt so bad. The nurse had the radio on a hard-rock station so I don’t think he realized the extent of my pain.

    Jay Hudson
    Jay’s writer’s World

  4. Always amazes me when people “Volunteer” for things and don’t bother helping. Is it the romance of volunteeriing? Is it the prestege of being on some committee so they can tell their friends? Whatever the thrill, it would be better if you could just give them a button that says “I’m the best because I help” and then have them clear out of the way for someone that will help.

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