Gizmo Glitch

Does “a” always lead to “b”, or could it lead to “g” then “x” and then to “b”? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Do you remember when I lost that gizmo that works to get me through the toll plazas here in Florida? If not, see my blog dated March 23, 2010, the one about losing the transponder.

It seems that backing up the entrance ramp of the interstate wasn’t enough punishment for letting the gizmo fly out the window. Oh, no. The ghosts of electronics had more in store for me.

About a week or so after I, without malice or responsibility, allowed the transponder to fly out the window and be run over by at least one truck, the transponder began random acts of ‘failure’.

I didn’t notice its malicious behavior at first. I would drive up to the toll plaza, head in to the lane marked “SunPass Only”, the gate would open, and through it I would go. No problem.

Given the fact that I wasn’t as observant to something not working, as in appearances things really were working, I failed to notice that the gate at the toll plaza may have been going up, but the light that reads Thank You in neon green was not thanking me. In effect, I was gliding through without paying the toll.

But honestly, it wasn’t my fault.

The gizmo was opening the gate. IT should have paid the toll as IT is supposed to do.

The first time I thought it was due to the fact that I had gone through the toll plaza so many times that month that it was a freebie.

The second time it was a glitch.

The third time I must have blinked when it said Thank You.

Then it started working again so all would be well with the world.

For the next 7 or 8 passes through the booth everything was fine.

Then no Thank You again.

I picked up the gizmo and pushed every button on it. I hit it on the dash of my van. I used every curse word I know and some that I don’t.

The next trip through still no Thank You. I was beginning to worry about some person in uniform showing up at my home with a picture of me breezing through the toll booth, smile on my face, and a guilty look in my eyes. Said uniformed person would also have an arrest warrant in hand.

I pressed my luck and kept traveling.

To date, no one has come to my door with pictures in hand. No bill, warrant, or nasty letter has arrived in my mail box.

The gizmo still opens the gate at the toll plaza. Sometimes it says Thank You. Sometimes it does not.

I have not read any curse words in green letters nor have I had any slang finger signs raised against me.

I keep cruising the roads with the gizmo on my dash. As long as it doesn’t mind opening the gate at the toll plaza, I won’t care if it says Thank You or not.

I know I am testing all the cosmic forces that work in my favor. I acknowledge that I am, in all probability, using up all the good car karma I have earned in all my years of driving. But if I can’t push my luck, who can?

And besides, it’s not my fault anyway. Just because the gizmo flew out the window and was run over by a truck or two, is that any reason it should stop paying as IT is expected to?

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Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. Aha! The comment spot has returned.
    See why I choose to live in NE Wisconsin, out in the boonies? No gizmos needed. It’s a free run, no matter which way you head. Well, unless you consider the taxes that enable the constant construction of the roads. The northern states pretty much have two season: winter and construction.
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  2. Wanda, So funny! And, scary too. Why don’t you just contact the toll road people for a new gizmo? With my luck I’d get a bill on Jan 2, 2011 for all the tolls I missed in 2010. Yikes!!

  3. Just wondering if the plaza that is suppose to thank you is having a personality problem or just really bad days…if you get a uniformed person show up you can tell him/her figured the plaza was just having some bad days as the passage opened and on you went….LOL

  4. I’ve never been o n a toll road, but I would love to own a couple.
    Gasoline tax was supposed to pay for the roads. what do politicians do with all our money?

  5. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody. The Medicare Mom

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