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No More Missing Me – I’m In Heaven

Is it possible to find a little piece of Heaven on earth with technology? Yeah, well I think so too.

But I’m in heaven anyway,

Given that I am a great writer of true and humorous stories, and given that I have the memory of a Florida gnat, I’ll be taking my pieces of heaven where I can get them.

Thanks to a little contest I recently had with my good writer friend Dawn Weber, I have discovered the scheduled post feature of the blog I use. I put my writings in their program. I tell it on what date, in what year and at what time + or – some calculated hours, and it does the rest.

I can now write about Christmas in February, put it into the scheduler on my blog, tell it what time and date I want it posted and voila’ or some other French word – it gets posted on time.

No more will I be in shame for posting pieces about Ground Hog’s Day on July 7th, which actually isn’t a holiday at all and has nothing to do with furry critters. No one wants fur around when the temperatures are hovering just below “it’s too damn hot for man and beast”.

My stories about the holidays will actually make it to my blog during the proper holidays as they were intended. Christmas won’t appear on October 31.

My son won’t be blowing up his pants with firecrackers during the Thanksgiving dinner. Well, he might actually do that for fun, but the story about the 4th of July will appear on the 4th of July.

Back to school will once again be in August and not March.

Leprechauns will be dancing with me in March when we will be expected to get good and drunk. And the drunkenness won’t be a cause of posting the New Year’s story on Leprechaun Day.

I can write at my muse’s schedule, and at some very odd times. I can then take these stories and put them into this miracle of technology and then not think about it anymore. WOW! WHOOPEE! Add some other excited words here! One less thing I have to be responsible for.

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Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. So does this make you a humor writer of true stories who lives in the South and has mastered the ability to figure out how to make this computer work for you? Oh, and now you won’t have to worry about where you stored that dang story about Christmas you wrote in July on your hard drive because you will already have the story where you want it to be and scheduled to post. I can see how you found you some heaven on earth!

  2. It sounds ideal, Wanda. In fact, it sounds too good to be true. I find only one problem with your new-found invention. That is the fact that I still have to get the articles from the data base in my brain onto the computer. No muse has solved that for me yet. So when you find that cord that runs from brain-to-computer while I sleep, please let me know. That one I’m definitely buying!
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  3. I don’t like technology! I have enough trouble tying my shoe laces. What I would like is a simplicator like the replicator on Star Trek. I would simply tell the simplicator the genre of my next book, name the characters, a plot outline, and say ” I want the manuscript written and formatted in five minutes.

    Jay Hudson

  4. I can see where this frees the mind from times it would freeze. Writing by a schedule, or better said; deadline, adds some pressure to the mix. It’s much more fun to write from inspiration or a fresh point of view when the words flow faster than one can type. If I want to write about the January snowball fight in July rather than the BBQ on the fourth;that’s cool.

    I rekon I fight technology though. I use a camera to take pictures and a phone to make calls. I use a map to find my way and a phone book for a number. I’m behind the times, but I’m good at it.

  5. Joyce Scarbrough

    July 7th might not be Groundhog Day, but it’s my daughter’s birthday and also the birthday of Ringo Starr, so I think it deserves some kind of celebratory post!

  6. Congrats and funny too, Wanda. I’m still trying to learn how to get my profile to show up on my blog. I need a feature like that. I usually think of a Christmas story on Jan 3.

  7. Well! I am glad I was of some help…but boy, you are way ahead of me! Writing about Groundhog’s Day in July and whatnot. Dang, girl! I just use the scheduling feature to make sure my posts don’t go up during work hours so that I don’t get fired! Lol.
    Loved your funny, nutty post, as always, my FOAS!

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