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The WinterTime Blues

If things are difficult for your friends, but said friends had a choice in the matter, thus ensuring that they are miserable right now, would you laugh anyway? Yeah, me too.

No apologies here to my frigid friends. It’s all just fun and games until Frosty melts.

I had to wear a coat to work today, for the first time in over 10 years, because some goofball on the television said we are in for a hard freeze. Hold your applause, there is more.

I know that many of you, um, all of you, umm, all three of you are sitting there all bundled up thinking, “Winter in Florida? Really?”

But it’s true, so stop saying you live where you live because you get to experience 4 definitive seasons each year. That’s BS. I live in Florida and, we too, experience 4 seasons each year. I’m not even sorry that 3.98% of those 4 seasons are summer. You know you’d be here if you could, or if I’d invite you to stay with me.

I hear you hrrumphing and muttering under your breath, “Winter? Really? She don’t know nothing ‘bout no winter.” (See Dawn, I can read your mind.) She does, however, know about living in Florida.

This is my winter, and even if I have to hunt up a coat that hasn’t been seen or worn in the past 15 years; even if I have to dig around in the drawers or make a mad dash to the dollar store for gloves; even if I am forced to light a fire in the fireplace to ensure that I don’t freeze to death in the 70+ degree weather; and even if I am forced to sit outside in the sun to keep the homicide rate down during these vicious bouts of SAD; it’s my winter and I will enjoy it.

I have to admit here, I am not prepared for winter. I did not run out and stock up on essentials like, bread, milk, snow shovels, extra fuel, EVO, and beer. I had not called to have a load of firewood delivered. I had not even scoured the closets or attic for the hat/gloves/scarf ensemble I know I have somewhere. I am not a ‘panic at the first sign of bad weather’ person. I like to live dangerously.

Remember, I live in Florida, land of one season, and a couple of cold days where all inhabitants will wander about muttering about freezing to death, having to cover the tropical plants, running out of beer, and having to go outside to clean the pool.

I know and I hear you loud and clear. It’s cold outside.

From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. Oh, Wanda!
    I weep for you.
    Stay warm and keep us laughing.

  2. Hi Wanda, just your old classmate letting you know that IT WAS 6, WITH A WIND CHILL OF -4, here in Delaware (lol) So keep doing that winter wine and I’ll try to send some cheese with it. You know we all like cheese. I know that you’ve probably forgotten me, but I haven’t you. I enjoyed all of our discussion board chats. Here’s a poem for you until I get my family story together (school is really making writing difficult). Say a shout out to my mother in Sarasota for me and find that coat hon, its gonna be a cold, cold, winter.
    With love,
    Tammy Saboy


    Monday, December 31, 2012
    8:17 PM

    Sitting under the velvet night
    Sprinkled with stars
    A flash of light
    Shoots across the wide expanse
    Fills a heart of wonder
    Of the glory of it all

    The sun hides behind the horizon
    Fades the night
    With mists of purple light
    Giving way to the rise of the sun
    Fills a heart with awe
    Of the glory of it all

    After the rise of the sun
    The sky takes on a perfect shade of blue
    Birds sing to the creator
    Songs of joy and gladness
    Fills a heart with splendor
    Of the glory of it all

    Skies fill with puffy white clouds
    One imagines they appear
    Like beloved animals of the earth
    Birds fly across the wide arc of heaven
    Fills a heart with joy
    Of the glory of it all

    Oh the setting of that same sun
    Beauty that can never be expressed
    All mankind slows
    For another ending of the day
    Fills a heart with thankfulness
    Of the glory of it all

    Twilight darkens the sky
    With the deepest shade of blue
    The moon rises high sublime in vastness
    And times slows to take it all in
    Fills a heart with gratefulness
    Of the glory of it all

    How beautiful is life
    How blessed we are to be a part of it

    Tammy Saboy 2012

  3. Been thinking about you in your strappy heels sliding to work on a sheet of ice. Thinking is all I have been doing as it is too cold to get out from under the 9 blankets, comforter, 2 quilts and my flannel jammies. Stay warm

  4. Hey, cold is cold. And funny is funny – which you are! Thanks for the chuckles! (Now I will go crawl back into the heated waterbed under so many blankets I can’t roll over 🙂 )

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