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Jammied Up at Work

Do you ever have those days where you get up, get dressed, and head out for the day and only when you see yourself in some window or mirror you say Whapaheo? Yeah, me too. I’m walking around in my ...

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Where’s My Umbrella

If you grab something in a hurry because you really need it and then find out it’s less than useless, do you toss it away or keep it for some unknown reason? Yeah, me too. It’s raining here. It’s been ...

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The WinterTime Blues

If things are difficult for your friends, but said friends had a choice in the matter, thus ensuring that they are miserable right now, would you laugh anyway? Yeah, me too. No apologies here to my frigid friends. It’s all ...

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Only The Shadows Know (Until Now)

Most of you have already read about the painful photo shoot. If you haven’t, go read it first. This is the rest of the story. My photographer friend, Mark, lives in Alabama. I live in Florida. We were to meet ...

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