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Not A Teenager Once Again

If you lie it will come back to bite you in the ass.

Even if you don’t remember lying.

Facebook keeps teasing me saying I can find my long lost but yet oh so dear friends by using some App call ‘friendfinder’. It teases me even more by telling me that ten of my friends have found their friends by using ‘friendfinder’.

I don’t know if I have any long lost friends who are near and dear to my heart. If they were friends who are so important don’t you think they could have found me by now? I mean, come on. How difficult is it to find someone with the last name of Argersinger? Even if they didn’t know that name, I was the only Wanda in my entire school. I live in the same town I went to school in. My parents have lived in the same house since 1962.

I can be located.

But I gave in. ‘Friendfinder’ beckoned to me one time too many. I wanted to see who everyone else was finding and I was not.

I clicked on the stupid FindFriends button. I found out I can’t use the App.


Are they kidding?

Since I am over 13 years of age, and also over the age of 50 I had a pretty good idea this was a bogus message.

I contacted Yahoo! (bless my heart for believing)

After many on-line chats with their Tech Support, too many phone calls between me and Outer Mongolia, and two and a half bottles of tequila I was told that I must have put in the wrong birth date when I first established this account.

Consciously or not, this is what I did.


Let me do the math for you geniuses at Yahoo!

It is 2011.

I set the account up in 1992.

That means I have had the account for, hmmmm, let me see, 19 years?????

Fun that through your super-fast, uber computers.

To be less than 13 years of age today, I would have had to enter a birth date of 1998 or some year beyond that when I set the account up.

Set up the account in 1992 and born in 1998.

How can that be possible?

Have I invented time travel?

If I set the account up in 1992, would Yahoo! allow me to enter a birth date in the future?

I couldn’t argue with them. They were set on their facts, even though they could see the date I created the account.

Bottom line – I lied about my birth date when I created the account.

Ok Yahoo! have it your way.

I lied so now I can’t find any long lost, dear to my heart friends because I am not 13 years of age.

BTW – just how many long lost, dear to my heart friends can I have if I am under the age of 13?

Stop teasing me you stupid @$$h0!E$!!!

From life the and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2011 All Rights Reserved
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  1. I completely adored this! The same thing happened to me when I tried to remotely log in to facebook–it asked me for my birthdate and I must have put in the wrong one (as I often do with my phone number too, for security reasons). You’re not missing much. All my “friend finder” app got me was LOTS of spam and a virus. 😉

  2. And would you want to be 13 again anyway?
    I’m going to my 40th reunion in April, I wonder how many long lost dear friends that I’ll discover there?

  3. Ah, to be young again! Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a da*#. I remember those years all too well, and to go through all of them again? I prefer old age, pimples and all. (And yes, I’ve had a few of them all my life. Figure it just proves I’m still young, at least someplace!)

  4. Never tempted. All my friends know I have 6 + 2 children and believe me, NONE of them want to find me. I might decide to come for a visit, children in tow. Thanks for all the “stops” on my last gym piece. I actually laughed out loud! Keep the funny comments coming!

  5. haha – careful, temptation’s not such a good thing either.

    Hmmmm – I may have to find you – no worries, I don’t use friendfinder.

  6. Hilarious, Wanda. I’d never want to be 13 again!

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