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If you've never been on a photo shoot and want to know what it's all about, this will give you the inside scoop. Caution: you may learn more than you want to know.

An Exercise In Photography

I am supposed to write one thing each day that I am thankful for. Today I am thankful I can move. No. I did not run a marathon yesterday. No. I did not exercise with Gilad again. No. I was not in an automobile accident. Yesterday, I was in a photo shoot at the beach.

A photo shoot is supposed to be fun. A photo shoot is supposed to be easy. A photo shoot is supposed to be relaxing, crazy, spontaneous. A photo shoot is not supposed to be an exercise of every body muscle you never knew you had. It is also not supposed to be dangerous to either the photographer or the subject of the shoot. Mine was more the not part, or so I found out after the shoot. Don’t get me wrong, we got some amazing photos out of the adventure. But I also got a lot I didn’t bargain for.

The photo shoot was at the beach at Alabama Point. We got some great photos on the boardwalk at sunrise. The colors are more than my puny words can describe today. You have to see them to understand. Next we moved to the rocks along the pass. Yes, there are actually rocks on a beach in Alabama. Who knew? We tried a number of different poses until I slipped, hit one rock with my knee, one rock with my stomach, and the beautiful white sand with my face. I found sand in my lipstick even today, the day after the shoot. Ooops!

We got photos on the beach, walking, sitting, standing, lying, and every other position I can’t think of right now. We walked down the beach; up the beach; over the beach (don’t worry, we were careful of the sand dunes); in the water; out of the water; on the rocks; off the rocks; up and down the board walk, which I might add is at least ¼ of a mile long by my estimation; if it could be walked or posed, we probably did it. I am told there are 194 photos as evidence.

I have other evidence. My arms ache from the shoulders to my fingernails. Well I did hold up a shawl and leaned on my arms.

My legs hurt. (See above note about walking and standing.) My knees hurt, both from the movement and from the fall on the rocks.

My back hurts – who knew you had muscles in your back. I could blame it on the damn shawl, or the various times I had to change my blouse to get different looks.

My neck hurts. My neck holds up my head most days and I was required to move my head and look in different directions, which obviously I don’t do on a regular basis.

Every abdominal muscle I never knew I had hurts. I’m guessing this is from trying to hold in my untold layers of weight. What else do you use your abs for in a photo shoot?

My tummy hurts from bouncing on the rock. I can show you the scrapes as evidence and they hurt too.

My feet hurt including my toe nails. (Once again see above note about the walks on the beach. I need to add here, the walks on the beach were bare foot and most of you know I do not walk without the aid of high heels.)

My tooshie hurts and I think even my hair hurts. I haven’t a clue why the tooshie hurts and I can only guess the hair hurts due to all the tossing of same or the wind blowing it about my face.

Even my breasts hurt and I can account for the pain. Perhaps they too met the rocks but I’m not sure of it.

Even when I began my exercise routine a couple of weeks ago with Gilad, I didn’t experience this much pain and certainly not in this many different places. Sorry Gilad, you may soon be replaced by my photographer friend.

The photo shoot was definitely more fun than exercising with Gilad. I also apparently got a better work out. If it could be worked in to my budget, I think I’d be better off with the photographer. After all, I got one hell of a workout and some gorgeous photos.

Thanks to Mark, my photographer. He did a great job and didn’t even laugh when I landed face first in the sand.

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Y-Mee for my book Y-Mee's ABC Book of Emotions

Sunrise and my favorite photo.

The photographer didn't know about my fear of birds and I didn't know how close I was until I saw the photo.

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  1. I’m sorry for all your aches, but it was obviously worth it because the photos are gorgeous! And you don’t look like you’re in pain in a single one! If you photographer friend puts out an exercise DVD, let me know.

    ~Joyce Sterling Scarbrough
    “Stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true.”

  2. I’m sorry for the aches and pains, but I am missing the photos. Where do I click to see them? And were any of them in a bikini? I mean, you WERE at the beach? LOL
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  3. Ouch! But look at it this way… it gave us a zinger of an article to read! Thank you.

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