Need I Worry?

Do you worry alone or are you a better worrier as part of a group? Yeah, me too.

And lately I’ve been worrying about me.

I must admit, I do a damn fine job too.

I had my annual eye examination about 6 or 7 months ago and left with great new contacts. I would be able to wear them for an entire 2 weeks before they need to be changed. A wonderful thing for someone who drops and loses everything and couldn’t find her head without her contacts in. They were so precise I could read without glasses. I did however need the contacts.

Not so this past month. I need the contacts, readers and sometimes a magnifying glass to read certain things. This concerns me and gives cause for worry.

To make matters worse, I can’t see to drive with my sunglasses on, but can’t be outside without them. A double-whammy.

Yes, I fear I may be getting somewhat older than I was this time last year. But is that any reason to completely fall apart?

To add to my worry I recently told a co-worker about an incident with a printer. It needed toner. No problem thought I. I once was a network engineer. (Note the word engineer.) I secured the box holding the new toner. I got it open and even opened that stupid silver package that keeps the toner safe from engineers. I got the old toner out of the printer. The end.

Well it would have been had I not recruited 2 more co-workers and some guy who happened to wander through the office to help get the new toner into the printer. Not one of us could figure it out – independently or collectively. We did the next best thing. After carefully retrieving the instructions from the trash and reading them, the job was completed.

Later in the day I was explaining to one of the bosses why it took 4 people to change the toner in the refrigerator.

Yes, she caught the slip of tongue.

This past weekend was the weekend to change contact lenses. I have a system. The boxes containing lenses for the right eye go on the right side of the shelf. Those containing the contacts for the left eye go on the left side. I took the left box down, took out a contact and replaced the box. I did the same for the right. For some reason I decided to exam the lenses before inserting them.

Can you believe I’ve been walking around worrying for the past 2 or so weeks worrying about me when in fact I’ve been wearing left lenses in both eyes?

Do we really do more stupid things as we get older? You see, I thought we were supposed to get wiser with age. Unable to determine where I could locate statistics on such things I decided to get a dollar out of my office to get a Coke (yes, I really need the caffeine) from the vending machine. After closing my wallet I promptly turned around and threw the entire wallet in the trash can behind me.

At least I knew I did it and had time to retrieve it. Doesn’t that count for something?

Okay. Group worry can begin now.

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Wanda M. Argersinger
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  1. “What, me worry?” So says Alfred E. Neuman on Mad magazine. Does that give any clue as to why I don’t worry about anything? Yes, I am truly mad, but my granddaugher loves it. All my contacts are on messenger, but I keep forgetting to open it.
    Now, being a southpaw, I would expect all contacts to be of the left variety. As for wallets and billfolds, if they are on the right they naturally want to connect with each other, its fate.
    The only other thing to worry about is what to worry about and that keeps me up at night (not!).

  2. I wasn’t the least bit concerned about you until I got almost to the end and discovered that you threw the “entire walled” into the trash can. NOW I’m truly terrified for you! LOL!
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  3. Ever put two soft contacts in the same eye? Yep, they stick together like glue. Ever tried to boil water in the microwave because the power’s out? I’ll worry about you if you’ll worrry about me! You touch us all with your wonderful humor, especially those of us who are truly “touched”.

  4. Oooooo, it only gets worse. My typing fingers have a mind of their own and strange words appear in the middle of my writings…not that you could tell, what with 2 left lenses and all. I bought groceries yesterday at Wal-mart with no wallet in my purse…had to run to the car and hope I hadn’t left my wallet on the shelf when I was getting my toe nails dried earlier in the day because I didn’t want to wag my heavy purse to the toe nail place because it’s causing muscle strain on my left shoulder and arm but I can’t unload my purse because there’s stuff in their that I might need if i could remember what for. Now join my worry group! Funny!

  5. I’ve been to the store 3 times to get my husband’s favorite cereal. I have a wonderful stash of goodies now…but still need to buy the cereal!

  6. Oh my. I think you may need a personal butler-ess (I don’t know what a woman’s woman is called) Me – I let my husband do all the worrying. He’s so much better at it than I am.

  7. Hey, it’s affecting all of us. I’ve even put two hard contacts in the same eye and, more often, put them each in the wrong eye. At least that problem is solved – for today.
    Sweetie, the problem is that you try to do too many things at one time. Remember Mike’s rant about multi-tasking?

  8. Thank you for confirming that it’s not just me! Recently I asked my husband to open the fridge for me so that I could put away a stack of dirty dishes. I guess that I didn’t want them to go bad!

  9. Of course retrieving the wallet gives you youth points, and it’s perfectly logical to throw away the wrapper that your money came in–but only if it’s that paper wallet from the bank. I’m not sure if I’m glad there are so many of us, but at least I know I’m in good company. Thanks for the laughs–I need that.

  10. Oh, Wanda. We definitely get wiser a we get older. Definitely! That’s my story and I’m selling to it. Sticking. I MEANT STICKING!!!
    Oh, you is funny, my FOAS. 🙂

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