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Questions Are Free, Answers Cost Extra

How many stupid people does it take to answer a simple question?

I haven’t a clue. I’m told that all representatives in that department are currently busy.

I was going to sign in to my web host provider today, but flashing in bright red letters were the words “Your account is past due. Please update your billing information.”

I knew my account was not past due. It is automatically deducted from my bank account. I had recently seen, via the wonders of the internet, said transaction deducted from my checking account.

But since I was here I might as well update my information.

First I was told I can not access my profile. I’m not sure what they are trying to hide about me from me. I know more about me than they ever will.

Second, I was told that I could not access my billing information because my birth date was invalid or missing. If only.

I called the yahoos at Yahoo. I was given 6 or 7 options, none of which I wanted. When faced with such stupidity I always choose ZERO.

I was told that my call was important to them, whoever them is.

I was also told that all representatives were busy.

Finally some guy named James, who had a really nice voice, came on the line and asked what he could do to help me.

I asked if he could loan me a million dollars.

“Sure”, he said.

Batting a thousand I asked if he would buy one of my books. He mumbled something unintelligible. I didn’t recognize the words. I did recognize the language of NWIH.

He would loan me a million but wouldn’t spend $10 to purchase my book? Something seems amiss in this equation.

I gave him the sad news about my account, the theft of my birth date, and the sorry state of my billing affairs. He said he made notes and would have someone contact me.

I am not holding my breath on that.

I’m also not holding my breath on the personal loan from James.

I am however counting and am currently at one.

From the life and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2011 All Rights Reserved

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  1. That falls into the category of YAGBTS, except tha it does happen all the time. All that is except for the loan. Funny stuff! And BTW, Happy New Year! Now will someone come rescue me from all the fans wearing red?

  2. Wanda,
    You have more unique experiences with telephone help lines. How do you do it? A little while ago I received a call that said Warren Buffett wants me to be rich. Perhaps I shouldn’t have hung up on her.

  3. As your friend, I will be happy to administer your loan and or captain your ship when it comes in.

  4. Another good one, Wanda. This looks like a candidate for stupidassquestions.com

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