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I’ve been feeling grumpy these past couple of days. Grumpy to the point of actually confessing to being in a pissy mood. I can’t tell you why, and that’s not because I’m secretive, it’s because I don’t know. This morning all of that is going to change. When I opened my e-mail I read a missive from my friend Joanne Lee. She has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award.

The rules of acceptance state that I must post seven little known facts about myself and nominate seven additional people for this award. I’ve never participated in chain mail, threatening e-mail, or any other kind of mail that means I have to work for something. But hey, there is an award involved here. Give me a break.

So here goes:

1)      I only give gifts that I would give to myself. So if you have ever received a gift from me.. (hint, hint)

2)      I am not really a funny lady or a great writer. I only record the voices I hear in my head. There are so many and so little time.

3)      I currently have 4 sizes of clothes in my closet – and they are all mine.

4)      Scarlett O’Hara and Marilyn Monroe and Jody Worsham are my heroes. Each for different reasons. (Oh, okay. Only because I am supposed to be honest, Scarlett for her take no prisoners attitude; Marilyn for her sexuality; Jody for her never ending energy and determination to give her children the best experiences possible and her knack for making the ordinary hilarious)

5)      I am addicted to lipstick. No I don’t eat it. I just never leave home, the office, the bathroom, the beach, the pool, the shed, the gym, the attic, without it.

6)      I don’t really go to the gym.

7)      I did participate once in a recipe chain e-mail thing. That was back in the 90’s (yes we had e-mail then) and the only recipe I remember is some stupid gazpacho that I’ve never tried.

And now for my nominees:

  1. Dawn Weber –Lighten Up Weber   – One funny lady who knows and creates funny shizz.
  2. Rose Valenta – Rosie’s Renegade Humor Blog  – No one can take politics and stick it back in their ear with such finesse.
  3. The Bearded Iris (aka Leslie Marinelli) – keeping us hip to what’s happening in places we don’t care about. Seriously, you can’t read her stuff without Depends.
  4. Clay Mercer – In Pursuit of Happiness – someone had to sneak a man in here and I couldn’t think of a better example of a man and a great blogger and friend
  5. Angela Weight – Sanity Waiting to Happen – you have always been one of my go to bloggers for a laugh. Please come back.
  6. Joanne Lee – The Nuts and Bolts of Life – love the new blog, flip cards and all the rest.
  7. Jody Worsham – The Medicare Mom – my hero, writing partner, Mabel, Maybelle, and one great Mom. (I hope those kids know just how great you really are)

A very special thanks to my friend Joanne for including me in all the fun. You put a smile on my face, took away the bad mood, and made the day a little brighter for a lot of people. (See my nominations 1-7).


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  1. Glad I could brighten your day. After all, Isn’t that why we all write?

  2. What a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing. You have told me so much about all these ladies, and it makes me smile to see that in tough times, shitty times, WTF times, reading your blogs makes me laugh no matter what. I wish I could make you laugh and smile the way you can us. I suck (and I mean I suck) in writing anything. But I will always, always think of you as the most beautiful woman I have ever known. You are and always will be the one I think of as my “Vorbild”. Can’t think of the english word right now.

    Thank you Wanda. And thank you Ladies for all the smiles you bring to us.

    You are the “silent” people that makes a difference in someones life. You might not ever know about that, but trust me, you do. All of you are very special. Thank you.

  3. Ingrid (again)

    Ok, so I had to find the translation for “Vorbild”. As you can see below, it really & truly is all of them. They are for me. That is what YOU are to me. I luvs you. And ladies, I know there is someone who feels like that about you. I am just not shy to say so.

    Vorbild {n}
    role model
    one’s hero

    inspiring example
    shining example

    paragon of beauty
    I always told you that. To me, beauty is not how pretty you are, and all douch bags drool over you, but beauty is Wanda, every bit of you and who you are and how you touch lives.
    ** Please note definition of douch bag I found below.

    a pattern of all virtues
    Virtue is a word that can be interpreted in many ways. I believe that it is the right thing to do when one is a BITCH (Babe In Total Control of Herself).

    to model oneself on sb.
    to pattern oneself on sb.
    to take sb. as an example

    Douch Bag: Definition as per the Urban Dictionary online:
    A stupid asshole concerned with stupid shit, hence douch bag
    A complete waste of space, a disgrace. A low quality of being.

  4. I am addicted to necklaces and big gaudy ear rings. If your need for lipstick matches my need for hunky jewelry, then I fully understand!

  5. Dawn@LightenUp!

    Wanda!! You shouldn’t have. 🙂 I only learned from the best, lady.
    You should know that I am terrible at posting these awards. But I am SOOOO appreciative of it. Love ya!

  6. So glad you are once again on top of the world of laughter.

  7. Okay, strange, Twilight Zone moment. I hate to admit that I’ve been so busy and unwriterly for the past few months that I rarely take time to read anything that people write. I was going through old emails today, saw this and thought “Wanda always makes me smile. I wonder what she’s got to say.” I was blown awa to read that you nominated me, ME who wasn’t written anything since like December. Okay, this is clearly a tap on the shoulder from God to get those fingers typing again. Thanks so much, Wanda. You just made my day.

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