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Chocolate Covered Siblings

And the winner from the leopard print bra blog is the one and only Dawn Weber. I took pictures at each step of the drawing so everyone could see it was on the up and up. I even held the drawing in the morning when I’m not so drunk. Congratulations to Dawn – please send me your mailing address so I can get your prize to you.


On to this week, it is Sunday after all. Stay tuned to find out what I’m getting rid of, um I mean giving away this week. You do have to read the blog first and this week I’m taking on those annoying siblings. You know, the ones who want to hang around with you. The ones who wouldn’t have friends if it weren’t for you. The ones you want to strangle.

Take for instance the two siblings Almond Joy and Mounds. Almond Joy is popular, I know because it is always mentioned first in all the commercials. In the latest commercial it is the reason the tropical trees pop up at the toll booth. Never in all of this is the sibling Mounds mentioned. I’m not sure if I had a name such as Mounds that I would want to be mentioned either. But before it’s all over there it is, if you don’t feel like a nut you can enjoy Mounds, sweet coconut covered with dark chocolate. The way they say it you can tell it’s not the parent’s favorite. It’s no really anyone’s favorite. Almond Joy was forced to let its sibling Mounds tag along,

Almond Joy would have a sweet life if it were for that tag along sibling. Almond Joy would have been paired up with some fancy drink by now were it not for Mounds. If it weren’t for the young, hip Almond Joy, we may have seen the demise of Mounds.

Mounds came onto the candy scene in 1920. It wasn’t until 1946 when Almond Joy arrived that Mounds had a possibility of becoming something. Almond Joy became a sensation, Mounds was an afterthought.

Many of us experience the same sort of thing with our siblings. I have 4 of them. Three were tolerable when I was younger, but my baby sister was a pain in my life. She wanted to go everywhere I went. She wanted to hang around with me and my friends. She wanted to be cool like me and my friends. My mother like to dress us like twins, even though I was two years older than her. Many times I stood and looked at her and just growled. My friends and I knew we were older and cooler than she was. She was oblivious to that fact. I’m not sure what I thought would happen to her. Maybe I didn’t care.  I know see my best bet would have been to cover her in chocolate and let her be treated as an ‘also ran.’ Give her a mounds and let the two of them enjoy each other.

Turns out comparing us to those two candy bars was a prediction of things to come. Baby sister’s cool, even though she isn’t covered in chocolate. At least not as far as I know. I am, without a doubt, sweeter than she is but also a whole lot nuttier. I guess there’s room for both in today’s world.

Now on to this weeks, give-away. From my very own collection of never to barely used rubber stamps is this 3”x5.5” diva complete with drinks and tropical trees. It may have been used once, but don’t count on it. I’m sure one of you way creative types can find some great uses for her. In a pinch it could be thrown at an annoying voice and might even take them down, or at least make them shut up. Same rules apply as did in the last give-away, with one new caveat. The winner must send a picture of something they have made with the stamp, unless said something is a dead something.


Good luck.


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  1. Holy Cow! Just drench me in the candy bar of your choice. But just between us, the Snickers fits perfectly…around the hips and middle. But then so does everything else. Is there a margarita chocolate bar?

  2. Dawn@LightenUp!

    Wowwwwww!!!! Thank you, thank you! And I get an autographed book by one of my FAVORITE authors and closest friends. Thank, FOAS! Luvs ya!!

  3. no thanks on the stamp, but I have to say my little sis five years younger, ended up with BIG mounds on her chest. Marie.

  4. Mabel is the Almond Joy and Maybelle definitely has the mounds. Hope i win. I have a friend who is celebrating 50th wedding anniversary soon and i need a gift.

  5. The perfect candy bar wound be a dark chocolate covered almond joy! Until then……Mounds is still my drug of choice. Be careful what you say….I was (and still am) the annoying younger sibling!

  6. Great analogy: siblings and candy bars. Not that I’d know, not having any siblings.

    I guess I’m that lonely little bag of SweeTarts that gets passed out at all holidays and no one wants because there’s no chocolate in it. Just kidding, being an only I was raised on chocolate. Yippee!!

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