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Damn The Technology – Full Speed Backwards!

Damn it! Ok, I don’t normally curse in my blogs but there just aren’t any other words available to express my sentiments right now. I got out of the network engineering field because I couldn’t keep up with the fast paced changes in that industry. I had already taken a speed reading course and increased my words per minute from 242 to over 2,000 and still it wasn’t enough. I had to leave or go insane trying to keep up.

I thought words would be a safer bet. Write them on paper. Type them on a typewriter, or key them into a computer and voila’, simple as mud pie. Well, almost that simple. Or it was at first.

Then I found out if I really wanted people to read my words I would need a web site dedicated to moi and my very own words. I created my own website, after all I had been doing that for customers for years. I even know how to code the thing in HTML.

Then I was told I should have a blog. Blog? Ok, if the experts say so I’ll get one. I did. It was an ugly blue looking page hanging off my website and didn’t match my webpage at all. Then, from somewhere out there, I was told I should post to the blog on a regular basis. No one could tell me however what regular basis meant. Once a week? Twice a week? Every day? Don’t post too little. Don’t give them too much.

After the blog was up I began alerting interested readers via e-mail. I even created a nice little registration form on my website to gather the e-mail address of interested readers. I was doing good, or so I thought. Where can I leave a comment, one reader sent to me via e-mail?

Comment? They get to comment on what I write? They want to comment on what I write? They want others to be able to read what they write about what I write? Fine. I added the comment section, but no posting until I approve all comments.

The next e-mail suggestion said something along the lines of ‘I was going to comment on your recent blog but I couldn’t. Your blog requires a person to register before they can comment. I don’t register anywhere. You should allow anyone to post and not put restrictions on the comment section of your blog.” What’s the point in that? How can I get their information and know who is reading the blog if they don’t register? Fine, post as you like. Say what you want. I don’t have time to care. I’m trying to keep up with technology and keep all my fans happy.

The next e-mail from a fan wanting to follow my column said they couldn’t find the RSS feed to my blog anywhere on my site. RSS? What’s that? Where do I get one? How much does that cost? By accident I now have an RSS feed on my blog. Don’t ask me how it got there because I don’t know. But I checked it out and it works.

One of my friends on a writer’s e-mail group said if you are a published author you can have your own Author’s Page on Amazon. I am a published author, via the self-publishing efforts of myself and Lulu.com. The publication alone involved many learning processes such as ISBN’s, PDF conversions, Copy Rights, Publication Companies, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. I haven’t had time to do the Author’s Page yet, but I will.

Then yesterday, or was it last week, another writer told another writer friend of mine, who told me that we could have our blogs available for download via Amazon’s Kindle. It requires Kindle Format, whatever that is, and an Author’s Page on Amazon that I still don’t have, and oh by the way, you have to charge a fee for them. You can’t give them away free like you do on your home page. What? I get paid for what I write? No current guidelines exist for pricing your newly available Kindle Blog.

In the middle of all this technology I have still managed to write a few words. Make a few people laugh, and become even more confused and overwhelmed with technology than when I was a network engineer.

Just yesterday I registered for the prestigious Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference that will be held in April 2010 in Dayton, Ohio. Yes, I said Dayton. All night long I stressed over things like book proposals, synopses, business cards, appropriate attire, whether to take my lap top to the break out sessions, and how to hide my varicose veins.

I use a Blackberry for my PDA and it has been suggested that I can update my blog, my Facebook, Twitter and maybe even LinkedIn via the Blackberry. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I can’t even get my e-mail on the thing. If I do try to download e-mail to the Blackberry I find that I have it there and still in my in-box on my computer. I begin reading what I already read and often reply to myself. I may have to stop writing and go back to engineering. At least in that job I know what’s expected. At least as and engineer all I have to do is keep up with technology. No one would expect me to write and be funny as well as be an engineer.

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  1. Ha! I found you, your comment box, your RSS link, and your little dog too! Great piece, Wanda 🙂

  2. HA! Life without your humor would not be right….so nope going back to an engineer is NOT an option!

  3. I went and looked, just in case, and nope, you still don’t have an author’s page on Amazon. I do! So ha ha! However, it still says I live in North Dakota, even though I have tried to update it several times to let people know I live in Wisconsin now. Oh, well, considring that the biggest number of snail mail letters I get in response to my writing comes from prisoners in various states who are replying to my genealogical entries in sundry magazines, maybe it’s just as well if they keep looking for me in North Dakota!
    Love your sense of humor, girl. Oh, and I used to write a column, “Weight for Me,” for the now defunct BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) where they dubbed me “A bigger-than-life Erma Bombeck!” Enjoy the conference.

  4. Amen and amen to that. I’m still trying to figure out how to do all I need to do with my blog, how people can actually subscribe, how to get the word out without becoming an annoyance.

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