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Apologies, Thoughts, Waiting and Irritability

First the apology for not having posted anything in, oh I don’t know, two months or so. On June 1st I went in to a lupus flare and am still recovering. Actually we, my physicians and me, are trying to find out exactly what happened. To do this I have been sent to see some expert physicians at The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Today is Wednesday and I have been here since Monday. I’ve seen a total of 1 dr, have had an ekg, a chest x-ray and have given them 22 vials of blood so they can test to see if I have porcelain sinks at home. Well I can’t think of any other reason they would need so much blood. I have another appointment today at 3:30 with a gastroenterologist. If you have never seen one of these specialists, do everything you can to keep it just that way. The only specialty I know they have it torture. If there is a way to put a camera in or out of the body these guys are the ones who know just how to do that. I sometimes think they lay awake at night dreaming of new ways to torture their patients. All in the name of finding out what is bothering a patient. For me, I am totally bothered by waiting, not knowing, feeling bad, and not having control of my life. Hence my current state of irritability. More on that on another day.

The trip has given me many new things to write about. So in the next few days you will read about sleeping truck drivers, herded patients, what to do while on terminal hold, flying “stand by” at the Mayo Clinic, escapism, sleeping in a strange bed, traveling without the things you forget, and many other thoughts. Stay tuned. Check back. I’m back and hope to be writing and updating on a regular basis again.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope it will be worth your time.

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