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I Swear It’s Gonna Be Different This Time

Are you one of those people with high hopes for the weekend? Yeah me too. But that’s all I ever have are High Hopes.

I go in to each weekend with such high hopes, big plans, gonna dos (that’s the plural of do, not the number 2), and a whole list of things I want to accomplish.

The High Hoping normally begins first thing Friday morning. First thing being after I have something to eat but before I become caffeinated and begin to see reality rolling towards me like a Japanese commuter train. I revel in the minute or two of high hopes.

For the rest of the day the high hopes wander in and out of my brain, waxing and waning with the level of caffeine and sugar in my system. I love when the high hopes rule the gray matter, it’s such a beautiful place to imagine living.

By the time I get off of work on Friday and begin the trek home the high hopes are beginning to fade around the edges. I can still see them between the clouds of I need a nap, this was a tough weeks, I deserve some downtime, what happened to relax time? I have not given up hope yet.

I arrive home, change clothes (no, not in the driveway, I’m cutting to the chase here), and realize that I did not get enough sleep the past 5 nights. I need to just close my eyes for 10 minutes before I begin to knock away at the high hopes list. Sleeping-on-the-couch-007

I awaken in the dark. It’s 8 p.m. Ten minutes became 4 hours, and now I can’t wake up. I decided I’ll just go to bed and get up very early the next morning to begin all the projects. Besides, I reason to myself, I can do three or four things at one time when I’m rested.

5 a.m. comes really early, but I can’t stay in bed. I’m too restless. I get up, fix something to eat and sit on the couch to catch the early news. I mean, who knows, the Kardashians could have fallen off the earth over night, right?

I awaken to the sun in my face. I had opened the living room door when I got up at 5 a.m. The couch is situated so that when the sun rises it would shine in the eyes of anyone stupid enough to fall asleep on the couch.

I get up and rush to the computer to begin updating websites, writing, and putting my High Hopes in urgent need order and in place other than my brain, that seems to have its own weekend agenda. My computer alerts me that I have 23 new e-mails and 49 Facebook notifications. It will only take 10 minutes, then I can get on with the list.

Three and a half hours later, I realize it’s past lunch time, I’m hungry, thirsty, and exhausted. I grab a bite to eat, and sit down on the couch to catch an update on the news. I awaken. In the dark. Hungry. Frustrated. And realize I am missing the latest airing of the Lockup episodes I have only seen 17 times. I rush to microwave some popcorn and fix a coke. That should keep me awake. As soon as the show goes off I’ll start on the high hopes.

I awaken at 2:15. A.M. Lockup is still on. I’m still on the couch and realize how uncomfortable it is so I go to bed and back to sleep.

I awaken in the dark. It’s now 3:30 a.m. on Sunday and I have so much to do. I get up, grab the dirty clothes, and throw a load of wash in. I grab some caffeine on my way back through the kitchen and head to the computer to start the website updates.

When I sit at the computer I realize I haven’t heard from ________________ (insert name of relative, friend, acquaintance, or person you want to know) here, in a day or two so I’ll just send a quick e-mail to _______________________________ (insert same name here.) before I begin the High Hopes

While writing the e-mail, I receive 14 new e-mails, and 19 FaceBook notifications, which I have to check before the High Hopes can begin. While I’m on the last e-mail I hear the washer complete its cycles so need to go move the clothes to the dryer.

On the way back through the kitchen I notice the dishes in the sink so stop to wash them, and refill my cup of caffeine, grab a light snack, and glance at the paper and the ads. Then I notice the week’s mail still on the table. As soon as I finish the paper I sort through the mail, some of which falls on the floor. When picking it up I notice I need to sweep or vacuum the floor. I take time to do that before returning to the computer.

By the time I’m finished vacuuming my back is killing me so I have to sit on the couch to rest. I awaken at dusk to hunger pangs in my stomach. After I finish my dinner I walk back to the computer, remove my flash disk and return it to my purse. I review the newest e-mails and FaceBook notifications, shower and go to bed to read until I fall asleep.

Monday morning I am furious. Someone stole my time, kept me busy all weekend and once again, my High Hopes have not been accomplished and I have to get through 5 more days before I can accomplish all I needed to accomplish last weekend and by Friday I will be worrying more about the impending weekend and the growing list of High Hopes.


From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. Yep. You got it. You are speaking my language.

  2. Dawn@LightenUp!

    Wanda, Wanda…oh how I know the dance of “just one more email/Pinterest/Facebook/blog” and the next thing you know it’s Monday. Sigh.

  3. It’s noon now and I was suppose to have that window air conditioner installed by now, but first I had to get something to eat and look in to see what Wanda was ranting about. Haha!!

  4. Made me laugh. Ok, so this is NOT the way a weekend is supposed to go? Who knew I was normal! I vote we switch, work on the weekend and do the High Hopes during the week.

  5. I no longer feel guilty for putting laundry on the back burner to write Twitter sarcasm.

  6. The only thing high around here on the weekends is me, from lawnmower gasoline fumes

  7. Awww Need a maid? I’m for hire. I do laundry, windows, dishes and vacuuming. I even make beds and close doors hahaha

  8. I put “I hope” at the top of my bucket list.

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