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Goodbye 2009

2009 was not the great year it was supposed to be. At the beginning I had such high hopes and expectations. The accomplishments that were going to become reality didn’t happen. The things I was going to do, didn’t get done. The trips I was going to make, are still unmade. It was more a year of didn’ts than a year of dids. So, in the spirit of this year that will soon be just history, here is my brief history of one year – 2009.

In 2009 I did get a brand new grandson. He came to the world just perfect. Well, perfect if you don’t count the 11 fingers. He couldn’t be more loved.

2009 brought another major lupus flare that knocked the life and stuffing out of me. It stole my ability to write and worse it stole my sense of humor. But with the aid of wonderful physicians and their miracle pharmaceuticals I found my sense of humor and beat the flare. Well I beat it for now.

I decided in 2009 it was time to come out. No no, not that kind of out. I decided I needed to come out of lurker status in JWW, an online writer’s group I had joined in 2008. I thought it was time that I stopped just reading the e-mails, writings, and communication of the other members and actually participate in this wonderful group. They welcomed me and all my insanity and I am now a full- fledged playmate in the playhouse.

I found my long lost sister. Who knew she had been living in Boise, Idaho disguised as a beautiful woman of Asian descent?

In 2009 I got my own page on MySpace and Facebook and even joined Twitter. I now follow 1239 people I don’t know,  am a fan of 29 people or groups that I have yet to understand, have supported more causes than I can count and am receiving daily e-mails from people who say “they knew me when”. I am doubtful of this last group because I’ve never been to when and think I would remember them if I had been. I was, however, able to resist the urge to farm, bake, tend to animals and aquariums, and do anything in YoVille.

I began the year writing a lot. Then my muse went on vacation and remained out of touch with me. I stopped writing. I found a Snowman who makes me laugh. Happiness is now a part of my life and I am writing more than ever.

I took the leap and am looking to have my first novel published. The book was written over 10 years ago. I even shared it with a couple friends who read it and loved it. Now I just need the world to love it. I guess that’s where 2010 comes in to the picture.

I started working with a PR person. She is helping me in my writing/speaking career. I have to admit I don’t have a clue what she does. That doesn’t really phase me. I’m quite comfortable being clueless. I stay that way most of the time.

I found out that you can’t just be a writer. You have to know webpages, blogs, all of the social media , what it means and how to use it. You have to know SEO, whatever that is and be really good choosing key words. Uh huh. You have to be connected all the time since the world can now read what you write, and the world never sleeps. I guess I’m in synch with the world because I don’t sleep much anyway.

I’ve been educated and now realize that most book publishers won’t take a chance on you unless you already have an audience and a marketing plan. In my entire life I have never made a plan for anything, let alone a marketing plan that has a specific format and certain required aspects. I am never specific about anything and as for format, I can do that with a hard drive or an old fashioned diskette. I’m useless beyond that.

I learned that when you leave your cell phone at home, people get worried. They never think that you simply forgot the damn thing. And their imaginations run wild. You also have to deal with 9 or 42 panic messages when you get home and see all the missed calls. But when that does happen you know you are loved.

I had one automobile accident – my fault. I began cleaning my home office 19 times – it still needs to be cleaned. My e-bay addiction has been abandoned due to lack of funding. The Coca Cola addiction remains. I added 2 more physicians to my list of caregivers – these just happen to be located in Jacksonville not Pensacola. I made cookies with my grandson. I only bought one new piece of exercise equipment that remains in its original box. No, it did not come from Guthy Renker. I thought about eating right and losing weight. It was good but fleeting thought. I made a lot of new friends in person and on line. I’ve learned a lot about many things, but I’ve forgotten most of it. Just as I hope to forget most of 2009.

Wishing You and Yours A Happy and Blessed New Year!

Welcome 2010

From the life and mind of:

Wanda M. Argersinger

©2009 All Rights Reserved


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  1. Wanda,
    I hope the new year brings plenty of joy and success. And, yea, a writer really does need to connect these days. A year ago I sat alone writing as a solitary exercise, now I’m connected to many other like-ambitioned people. Strange new world!

  2. Wanda don’t worry about the things that you weren’t able to so think about the things that you have managed to accomplish.Just put your best foot forward and keep going.I hope that you will be able to do all the travel you want to do this year.
    I really enjoy your articles.
    God Bless your year.

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