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He’s Doing What?

If you were purported to be a super star, how far would your fame have to drop before you became “for sale”? Yeah, me too.

I don’t know about you, but to me, it seems Montel has hit the skids. I never watched his daytime tv show, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. I can’t tell you how popular it was, mainly because I never watched it. But I also never heard that Tom Cruise danced on his couch, Kirstie Allie never showed off her new but temporary body, and I never read one book he promoted via his book club. All of which mean nothing to me, but apparently they do to those who pay stars big bucks to host tv shows that I don’t give 2 damns about.

All of that and a few more hours mean you will see more of Montel, as I have. I don’t know why he keeps showing up on my tv. I never watched the show he hosted and I certainly don’t wish to watch him now. None the less, there he is.

He has advertised some sort of quickmoneyfast loan limited at $1,000 or the total value of all the non-running cars in your yard, whichever is less.

He has put his name on, behind, or in some healthy eating pressure cooker. I hear that the pressure cooker has even been sold on mega-gigantic, we-can-sell-anything-with-three-easy-payments QVC. I don’t know if this is true, but the rumors abound. You can check it out for yourself.

But the latest item I’ve seen his name associated with makes me wonder how well the first three are paying.

He is now featured in a infomercial for a dog bed. You got it, sleeping accommodations for Fido, Fifi or even Killer. Not just any sleeping accommodations, but DogPedic accommodations – the memory foam bed for your dog.

I know there are a lot of people who will poo poo my scoffing at this, but come on people. I purchased one of the original memory foam sleeping mattresses for myself a few years ago. I’m not saying it costs two arms and a leg, but thank God my first born runs really fast.

My memory foam sleep system has a 20 year guarantee. The DogPedic comes with a three year guarantee.

My sleep system has this wonderful suede-like zip cover thing to protect it from, well, so far it hasn’t protected it from anything. But you can take it off and wash it, if you have two burly men around to lift the mattress or a crane. Either will work. The DogPedic has a water-proof underlining to keep it clean, just in case the dog has a lapse of memory foam as to what the bed is for. I’ve never heard of a dog wetting the bed when it sleeps, but the DogPedic is protected just in case.

The DogPedic comes with an outer protective covering that is brown suede-like on one side and black something on the other side. The black something is there to keep the bed from moving on the floor. Fido can always be located when he is jumping on the bed. Me? Well I have to put an outer covering of very expensive sheets on my memory foam bed.

I had to pay for my memory foam sleep system in one huge, loan inducing, lump sum. The DogPedic costs not $300, or $200, not even $100. You can have it for 2, or is it 3, payments of $19.95. Hurry today and you get the 3 year guarantee.

My memory foam sleep system is supposed to support my vertebrae independently and make them and me a happy sleeper. It also allows me to place a glass of wine on one corner of the mattress and then jump up and down very lightly without upsetting my sleep partner. If my sleep partner would drink the wine it wouldn’t matter what I did on the mattress. They would not be disturbed. I don’t know if dogs drink wine out of stemware, or have sleep partners. If the DogPedic is anything like my memory foam system, then Fido is covered for both events.

I can’t say for certain the DogPedic is made of aero-space foam. My system advertises that it was licensed by the United States Space Foundation to use the official “Certified Technology” High tech stuff for a mattress.

My memory foam system is not supposed to show trenches where people sleep on it year after year. I didn’t hear anything about that for the DogPedic. Hopefully Fido will be able to get off the bed instead of out of a trench. You can report back the results after a few years.

Now that you have all the facts, can you answer my original question? How far down does a career have to go before you would be seen on tv doing infomercials for a dog bed? Call it memory foam. Say it was engineered by astronauts on the moon. Say it was developed in Sweden. Say what you want, it’s still a dog bed and is being sold by a has been.


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  1. I like this. You’re hitting bottom when you stoop to this kind of advertising, in my opinion.

  2. Kim McNiel Smith

    This is just really pathetic…I’m thinking the other things he was selling didn’t go over so well. Nothing against a doggie bed at all or Montel either as he did try to help individuals quite often-but come on now-DOG BEDS??? What does the warranty say about ‘when your dog uses the mattress for a chew toy?’ That’s what my dogs wouLd do.

  3. Super funny! Poor Montel. That is rock bottom. Side note: can I come over and drink wine and jump on your bed? I’m leaving when I’m done, though. Don’t worry, I ain’t jumpin’ the fence.

  4. I lost all respect for Montel (although I’m not sure I ever had much to start with) when he was going on a bus tour all across America to help people get insurance who couldn’t afford it. A friend of mine’s husband was having major health issues, but their insurance didn’t cover the medications he needed, which were in the mega thousands of bucks. They contacted (at my suggestion) the plan Montel was advertising. Their response? “Since you have some insurance, you don’t qualify for any help from us.” One of those “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” situations we all know too well.
    Sorry, Montel, but in my book you went to the dogs long before you began selling doggie beds.
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  5. Joyce A. Anthony

    I’ve never watched Montel either. My dog (and all three cats) prefer sleeping in my bed–my question wis, does this bed come in a size big enough for me??? As usual, Wanda, you got me thinking as well as made me laugh!!

  6. I use to watch The Montel Show,and one of my friends was on the show once to air out his marriage laundry.I remember the day Montel told a guest that he had been in Air force Intelligence and he would find out if there really was anything mysterious going on at Area 51. now, I see him hobnobbing with that snake oil salesperson,SBrown and I know he has sunk to an all-time low.I know psychic phenomena is real, but Sylvia Brown is a shyster.

  7. Kudos to Montel for not giving in to his disease. My mind is blank, I can’t remember what it is. But he hit the skids when he started doing DNA tests for the sluts on his show who don’t know who the baby daddy is.

  8. Dang! So if I do infomercials I’m on the way down? I thought I was on my way up. Dang those fame ladders. They should have arrows on them. The Medicare Mom.

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