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Can’t You Read My Mind?

Rhetorical question, I know. No one can read my mind because most days it’s impossible to even locate my mind. It does tend to wander, and you never know what territory it may be wandering in. But even on a good day, when my mind appears to be clicking, the ideas are flowing, and all seems right with the world, those are the days you should really check behind me.

I normally have my wonderful assistant Nana Kaye check behind me. She is much more aware of details. She is also normally much more aware of the obvious and when it is missing. This time, the obvious slipped by both of us. A great big DUH here.

We, Nana Kaye and I are in charge of some holiday fundraisers for the non-profit we work for. Being in charge means you think up the fundraiser; you decide all factors involved; you design the advertising literature; you print the literature; you send out the press releases; you recruit volunteers to distribute literature; you design tickets for sale if needed; you keep track of tickets taken for sale by those threatened with bodily harm if they don’t sell a required amount; and you take the heat for the failure of the event; the kudos for success goes to the volunteers and those threatened by Nana Kaye and me.

This year we are raffling off a 6 ft. Christmas Stocking stuffed with merchandise. The idea belongs to me. The stuff inside was gathered through a lot of effort from Nana Kaye, me, and some volunteers. Once the idea was birthed, we had the stocking made locally. We then designed the advertisement flyer, also my job. I put a picture of the stocking so you could see how tall it is. I have the sale info including price, date of drawing, etc. I have the logos of participating merchants. I had it all in full color. I let Nana Kaye review it. She pronounced it ready to print. And print we did.

One week later, after distributing who knows how many flyers, Nana Kaye was putting them together with the tickets to hand to those threatened into selling them. It is only then that she told me there was no phone number on the flyer. I quickly added it and printed more. Then she asked me to call some merchants and see if I could get more donations. I began that process. Each time I had a firm commitment I would add that merchant’s logo. In one day I added, changed and printed four times. With flyers in hand I headed to pick up donations and distribute flyers.

Arriving at the first merchant where I was to pick up a donation, leave flyers including their logo, and leave them with a receipt for the donation, I parked and went inside. I proudly handed the flyers to the merchant, pulled out his receipt and began filling in the information about his donation. Holding the flyers in his hand he asked me who the donation was for.

Duh. He had the flyer in his hand. The flyer with all the information. It’s all on the flyer, I said proudly. He asked again. I must have looked like some two headed fool for I again stated all information was on the flyer that he was holding. He handed the flyer back and said, “now what group are you with?”

It was then that I noticed that NO WHERE on the flyer is the name of the non-profit, the logo for the non-profit, or any other identifying marks saying who was selling the 6 ft. stocking.

Shit. *@&*(%$ and a lot of other bad words.

I had distributed who knows how many of these flyers. Nana Kaye had made packets of these flyers with tickets. Packets that would go to those who will get the kudos for the success of the project. Packets that would go to those who will immediately notice the missing information, state that fact loudly and ask us if we, Nana Kaye and I, are freaking idiots.

Well damn. I knew who thought up the idea for the 6 ft. stocking. I knew who made it. I knew who had solicited all the merchandise that would be in the stocking. I knew who designed the flyer. I knew who reviewed the flyer more than once. I guess I thought everyone should know what I know. Can’t you read my mind?

Don’t answer. I’ve already contacted Nana Kaye to have the flyer changed, reprinted, and re-packeted for the volunteers. This project is going to be a success and though Nana Kaye and I won’t get the kudos for all the work, we are not going to take the blame for this duh-uh moment and omission of information.

(BTW – if you see one of the flyers with missing information, please snatch it, contact Nana Kaye or me and we will replace it post haste.)

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