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Turtle Shoulders

    If someone or something is constantly taking things from you, do you hunt them down and shoot them, or just let them do whatever they want? Yeah, me too. But to be honest, I more than tired of ...

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Addicted and On The Edge

For clarification purposes: This is a conversation my friend CeeCee (the adicted one) had with a customer serivce rep a the company where CeeCee had orderd merchandise. Engjoy her ride with addiction. “What do you mean it won’t arrive until ...

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Happiness Is A Working Memory (or Not)

It doesn’t happen often. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It does cause frustration for some, including me at times. Others just seem to get pissed at me without me doing a thing. Once ...

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Lost In Space – Or Something Like That

I lose things. A lot of things. All the time. My losses are total, never partial. I never lose 1/2 of a sock, or 3/4 of a pair of pantyhose, or even 1/3 of a car key. I lose the ...

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