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Creative Do Nothingness

Don’t you love conferences, workshops, meetings of the mind, chili cook-off’s, candle parties?

Ooops. Forget the last two. Too much creativity in the air right now.

I love gatherings of any kind where creative minds meet.

Ideas flowing.

Energy surging.

Pulses beating a bit faster than normal.

Appetites growing and drinks flowing.

Big plans for the things you are going to accomplish when you arrive home.

It’s been almost two years since like minds met in Dayton at the 2010 EBWW.

It’s been almost two years that the attendees have had in which to accomplish great and wondrous things.
Said accomplishments have pretty much remained in our minds until my dear friend Rosie (BHH) asked us to put them on paper.

That’s right.

She wants us to list, tell, divulge, and confess what we have done since the last meeting in Dayton, which was, much to our dismay, almost two years ago.

We, the attendees, could have remained great in our own minds if it weren’t for people like her.

We could think we had done so much with the knowledge we gained there.

We could sit each day pretending we had done just as much as all the other attendees.

We could have if not for the Rosie’s of the world.

Here’s to you Rosie, for calling us on our delusions.

As for me, I know I have accomplished more than I dreamed of at the workshop.

At the workshop I purchased, not only the cd’s of the 2010 workshop, but I also got the entire set of the 2008 workshop.

So much knowledge on each cd. I know this from what other attendees have said. My cd’s are in my car, waiting for me to open and listen to them.

I have completed two, count them, two books of humor. I hired an artist to do the cover for one of the books. It’s a great cover and I’m sure the book will be a big hit. Forget the fact that the books are completed in my mind and not on paper. I think completing them in any sense is a huge accomplishment.

I have researched in depth how to put a V-blog on my website. Don’t look for it there. I said I have researched it. I haven’t made it happen yet.

I have written and posted to my blog semi-irregularly.

I managed to get a couple of pictures of EB drinking margarita’s at Peg Leg’s on Pensacola

I have purchased books by other authors who write in a similar manner to me. I haven’t read them yet, but I did purchase them.

I have studied the marketing efforts of my writing friends and have picked up a lot of ideas. I lost the ideas as fast as I picked them up, but I should get an E for effort. I can always ask them what they did, if I could remember who they were.

I have signed up for tons of e-mail newsletters, blogs, sites, tarot card readings, and Miss Cleo’s psychic readings, all offering insider tips for getting my work in front of those who count. Oh to find a few days needed to read them. Oh for a year to process and implement the information.

I have marked my calendar for the 2012 EBWW in Dayton. I have a new accountability program, whose name is not Rosie, to aide me in accomplishing great things. I have already developed a very strong dislike for people named Guido.

From the life and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2011 All Rights Reserved

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  1. Funny, but now that you know what you have to do…get to it! And please keep us all posted. 🙂

  2. Well, at least acronymically you’ve accomplished something. At least you know Rosie is Building Hamburger Hotels (BHH), and that Dayton has Electronic Boardgames Hand Held (EBHH). A book or two written in your head is more up there than many people have. As you know, it always impresses people when you have CD’s of something that sounds impressive (isn’t that a double entendre?).
    Keep posting and mentally writing and someday when thoughts can automatically be sent to a printer, you’ll have prize winning books.

  3. Hey, Wanda! It’s me. Remember Janet Elaine Smith? Some people just refer to me as JES, if that’s easier for you to remember. I’m one of the people who has written a book that you haven’t read yet. No, that’s not a put-down. I was going to complete writing 4 books this year. Well, now I am determined to finish no. 1 by the end of Oct. The other 3? Oh, like you, they are all finished–in my head! Now, if my pirate will just continue to co-operate. Thanks to our mutual friend Aubrey, I know where he’s headed. Straight to the museum. Now if I could just tell Aubrey where to go! In a very nice way, of course, to get him moving on that website he’s having trouble with!

  4. Hey Wanda…you left out the novel that you wrote! And a darned good one at that. World, this lady is full of great stories, so sit back and wait. It’s only a matter of time.

  5. Wanda, you do more than at least three of me, so feel proud of all that you have accomplished. Your blog is funny, touching and full of hope. We all need Rosie’s to keep us on our toes. She, you and Marti and others have kept pushing me gently but firmly.
    BTW, don’t let Guido get the first critical word out of his mouth. If he opens his mouth stuff it with and he’ll be quiet.

  6. So FUNNY! So honest! I was one of those annoying people who “took the bait” and listed some things I’d done… though conveniently left out all the things I didn’t do. This week, three people said to me “oh, your blog was great. Too bad you stopped posting.” Ugh. I’m a “stand-up comic” who has not written one — not even one — small little 10 second joke. Keep blogging and thanks for being out there.

  7. hahahaha – I SO know the feeling, and you’ve done more than me.

  8. Remind me to send you a copy of Ruby’s Kitchen.
    A recipe don’t make biscuits! 🙂

    Forgot what I was gonna say on this line.

    Oh, the object of all the conferences is not to learn anything but to eat all you want and have a good time.

  9. OK, I must admit that I am the person that has steered her away from her writing…in her “spare” time she has taught me to crochet and I have personally kept her busy busy with my needs and took away from her writing time….so I will take the blame for the writings in her head and not on paper….

  10. And you got to visit with a very-lost lady from Texas! You are a very busy lady! Great piece!

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